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Is action figure collecting an embarrassing hobby?

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  • Is action figure collecting an embarrassing hobby?

    Toy Galaxy (DL) answers this question right here:

    While I'm not an action collector guru by any means, however I'm hugely invested in the LEGO hobby which was/is essentially a toy product for kids, and frankly it could be a little embarrassing a little around strangers who visit my place, however I don't care what people think, since most people I know at least "play" video games regularly (or occasionally) and nurd out on other things that I consider stupid.

    At least LEGO building is a medium for countless adult creative thinkers, artists, designers and engineers which an environment I relate to myself...

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    No, I don't think so. I always enjoy showing my collection. I do think its good to have a room devoted to the hobby, rather than having it all over the house.
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      Nope. Not nowadays anyway. Most of my peers are geeky and into similar hobbies.


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        That's the spirit...


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          Not at all. I am happy having such hobby and able show these collectibles for my friends. Well as tell more about them too.


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            ...naw. S'fine.
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              It's a great hobby. Sure, some won't understand it, but then, I don't understand people who watch reality TV, for example. But it's just what they're into, just as I'm into collecting the action figures and plastic crack. It's all good.


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                Good answers thus far...

                However, I still have a hard time understanding people who only collect unopened figures or toys without actually enjoying what they're for! If they're only looking for that future appreciated value on their investments, might as well just collect or buy something else that could have better returns, or find a better hobby, but what do I know!?

                I admit that I have a ton of stuff that still sits in my collection to sell or to trade eventually due to the lack of space or whatnot, but I usually enjoy opening, displaying and building the other ton.


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                  I am with you on that. I like to open up my figures. Sitting in a package, unless it's a backup, seems like a waste to me. Toys are meant to be used.

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                In my opinion, action figure collecting is an embarrassing hobby in most cases unless you're talking with fellow collectors. Toys are primarily associated with childhood. I don't openly advertise it because of the unneeded judgments from others.


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                  It doesn't really matter if it's embarrassing, if it gives you enjoyment, then that is all that matters! I have hundreds of action figures, thousands of comics, hundreds of mysic CDs, thousands of DVDs and Blu-Ray's, I don't care how that is looked upon, it's what I have chosen to do and that's the start and end of it!


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