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The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance; teaser!

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  • The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance; teaser!

    Okay, I've been waiting for this since the day they've announced it a long ago. I'm a huge fan of the original film and music score, I've read the comics, I own the art and making of books, I also poses the comic books and the graphic novels in my collection, not to mention how that fantasy film and its amazing soundtrack had major impacts on me on how I view the fantasy genre and how I design.
    This little epic teaser from Netflix brings that beautiful world of puppetry back in the manner of how it should be viewed, and I believe Jim Hanson the original creator would be probably very proud of the outcome right now if he was alive, at least visually:

    Let's just hope Sony/Universe/Mattel would treat the new MOTU movie in a closer manner and respect the original source material...

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    This movie terrified me as a kid. Looking forward to seeing this series.
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      Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
      This movie terrified me as a kid. Looking forward to seeing this series.
      Ha!.. Many kids were back in the day!

      I myself only found the crumbling of the dying emperor was a little disturbing, and of course the feast scene was also disgusting to watch, other than that the movie was a bit of magic in my eyes!


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        I had no idea they were making this! the team behind the new HE-MAN movie should pay attention, as practical FX can work wonders. Just imagine Orko being done in a similar style to these characters.
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          Here is a little and interesting video (from one of the hardcore fans) that analyzes and breaks down the Netflix trailer:


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            I know I'm a little late here, but I'd like to share this sneak peak trailer from the SDCC 2019 by Netflix:


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              And here is the full Age of Resistance panel video from SDCC:


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                I've watch the whole first season, and what an epic puppet journey... A very well written prequel story that fits perfectly with the classic movie. Acting is simply top notch done by the puppeteers and voice actors, and the cinematography is over the top.
                For me the evil Skeksis stole the show, but everything else is on the same level of awesomeness!

                The designs of the sets and costumes are simply world class, mind bending world class. The whole show is an amazing blend of breath taking designs, classic practical special effects and CGI, where designs, particle effects and great acting dominate and show!

                The music score is very good, however the original score and the main theme by the master Trever Jones were certainly missing for a reason. I hope the next seasons will bring some of that fantastical music back where it belongs.... Watching the Dark Crystal story without the Dark Crystal Overture is like watching Star Wars without John William's music! It's a heresy IMHO.

                But overall, the first season was a masterpiece done by some of the best talents in the business. I would be very surprised if it doesn't win a bunch of awards this year and next year!

                If you're into fantasy themes, this is a must see.
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