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Super 7’s Thundercats Ultimates line

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  • Super 7’s Thundercats Ultimates line

    I can’t speak for the first wave of Super 7 figures, as I already have the Mattel versions and wasn’t buying the same characters again just for the extras.
    But I just opened my BBTS exclusive glow in the dark Mum-Ra, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. It feels like a quality product, I even swapped the head without heating the head first (something I never would have tried with the S7 Classics I own, I didn’t even try that with the Pit Fighter movie Conan figure I got a few months ago). Makes me wish this is the quality we should have got from day one.
    Anyway, this has me looking even more forward to the next waves of Thundercats figures I have preordered. Hopefully this level of quality is the new normal for Super 7.

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    I was definitely impressed with the first wave from Super7. Hope it continues.
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      That’s good to read, as I’ve got my preorders locked in for Tigra, Cheetara, Mumm-Ra w/ Ma-mutt, Slithe, and Monkian. If I can get those without any major QC issues, I’ll consider my Thundercats collection to be complete. If they make Vultureman I’ll try to get him too, same with a translucent ‘ghost’ Jaga. But that’ll be it for me. Definitely no more space in the toy room. Heck, I ran out of space like a year ago to be honest, lol.


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