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What do you collect besides MotU?

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  • What do you collect besides MotU?

    I collect GameCubes and GameCube games. I also collect pretty much anything Spider-Gwen...and I guess 80's Mainstream VHS Movies..sorta!

    My wife used to collect care bears but then we had Grandchildren and they pretty much inherited them.

    So what you folks collect besides MotU?
    Fell free to share pictures!!
    “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.” ~Bertrand Russell

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    I also collect Marvel Legends, only focusing on Incredible Hulk related characters, Fantastic Four characters, Spider-man characters,Daredevil characters, and Wolverine related characters.
    I’m collecting the Thundercats Classics figures…. whenever they eventually show up.
    I’m collecting the GI Joe Classified figures, but only selectively. Just sticking with figures I remember liking from the cartoon.
    I also have one full shelf of the Toy Biz LCBH figures, but that’s because the Walmart in town clearanced both waves for $3 a figure back in the day. I’m only missing the variant clear Judge Death.
    I don’t have room for them, but the McFarlane Batman 66 figures, Batmobile, and Batcave were too cheap here to pass up, so I have those too. But they don’t even have a shelf to display… they’re on the floor in my office/collection room.


    • Andy
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      Sweet! Thanks for replying! I got those Legendary Comic Book Heroes too when they clearanced! They were actually sweet for what they were except my deadman just crumbled on his own. I still have the BAF Pitt figure half customized into the Demon from Ordeal of Man E Faces somewhere currently in storage.

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    Hmm, LEGO and lots of it, but then again I should sell a lot of it as well.

    Guitars and pedals, but I've stopped due to the chaotic nature of my life, but I'd resume one day when I have the chance especially if I get a better source of income and sizable place.

    Statues; specifically MOTU and Superman. but if I had more space, I'd definitely be in real trouble!

    I've just started with Cosmic Legions, and I don't know where I'm gonna end up at. It's going to take at least 1.5 years to see the first wave in hand.

    Some die cast cars, art books, modeling robot magazines and books, and graphic novels/comics, architecture mags and books but I've stopped when I ran out of space.

    If money isn't an issue, probably metal Tees of my favorites bands, soccer Tees and memorabilia of my favorite athletes, more toys (Transformers), Porches, watches, and definitely helping more people.
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    • Andy
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      One thing a friend taught me about lego is to always buy two. Wait until they discontinue then sell one to pay for them both. He explained that there's always new lego fans and they will pay through the nose to complete a series or set and they don't care who they have to compete with to get it, which drives price of the sets up. So far he's been right on the money.

      BTW did you see the new Venom and Carnage lego head busts? The Carnage looks really cool IMO!

    • Mechanizor
      Mechanizor commented
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      LEGO sets in general appreciate more than double their MSRP and sometimes a lot more after they go out of production, but sometimes it takes years to make a generous profit depending on the theme and the type of set and how the demand is vs availability... However when you have $450 MSRP set and you wanna buy a multi of, you have to have the money ready even if that set is discounted 20% off or more, and just imagine how much money you need to have ready sitting and waiting when there are multiple sets from different themes going for $200-$800 each in a single year!... Also when the seller competition is high, it's not that easy to flip such high cost sets. You really need to rely on customers with big pockets and a lot of disposable income!

      Yeah, I usually follow most released sets. The busts and helmets are a new cool and experimental concept for LEGO, and I think they'll do well in movie years and whatnot.

    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Awesome insight! Thank you for talking toys with me! 😎👍

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    I do collect or collected in past :
    - Terminator related collectibles
    - Movies & TV-series on DVDs & Blu-Rays
    - 1/6 character collectibles from companies like Hot Toys & Sideshow
    - Finnish computer and gaming magazines (Pelaaja, Pelit & MikroBitti)
    - Manga series
    - Movie posters
    - Books

    - Selected TMNT figures


    • Andy
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      Thanks for posting Jyrki! As far as the movies that you there any ryme, reason, or method to your collecting?

      I guess what I'm asking is do you collect certain genres, certain actors, eras, film types, or even condition and edition? Also have you considered grading any?

    • Jyrki
      Jyrki commented
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      For my movie collecting. I rather collect based some actors films...example almost complete all Arnold S. films and some various directors well as other actors. Also there is some films what are important or very interesting for me got added to my collection Less than 20 DVDs I have bought as used during my film collecting. My small collection so far has about over 400 Blu-ray titles and over 1900 DVDs so far.

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    I forgot to mention I collect the DCD Superman/Batman figures based off Ed McGuinness’ artwork. I’m a huge fan of his art style. I love the big beefy cartoonish proportions, his work reminds me of the vintage MOTU toys. I remember at the time wishing that the 200X figures weren’t so lean and had proportions more like those particular DCD figures. The only figure I’m still missing is Captain Atom.

    I also have a TMNT shelf. I bought the KO versions of the first NECA turtles, both the ones with all red masks and the individually coloured masks. Then I have the SDCC April in the blue outfit, the SDCC box set of Mirage Shredder and Foot clan ninjas. I also have the NECA Casey Jones. But to supplement my NECA figures I was actually able to find the Playmates Rocksteady & Beebop at retail, plus I bought 4 packages of Mousers from the 2012 line. I also bought 3 Squirrelenoids because I loved that episode’s homage to Alien. I really want a Krang preferably with the android armour/suit, but he’s expensive.


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      Currently, I'm collecting several Super7 Ultimates lines like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ThunderCats, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, SilverHawks, G.I.JOE, and such.

      I still will pick up a random Hot Wheels or Matchbox car from time-to-time. Also collecting the Marvel Legends Retro 3 3/4" line, and a few random figures from other lines.

      Oh, I really like old 1970's and 1980's comic books, and like to go to cons to stock up on them.


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Thanks for sharing Y2G, I won't go into Super7 quality or any other complaints but it is awesome to have so many properties all in the same scale and style. I bet your shelves look awesome 😎

      • Y2Greg
        Y2Greg commented
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        Thanks, Andy! I loved Classics so having these other properties in the same scale and style is awesome. I had to order new shelves this past year, so indeed. Also needed something to hold Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull atop. If we ever get Cat's Lair, I'm in trouble, lol.

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      I‘ve been cherry picking the GI Joe Classified line. Trying to stick to only my favourites among the Joes while getting most of the Cobra offerings, including army building the troopers and BATS. I’m staying away from the Python Patrol and Crimson repaints though. Despite what my posts in this thread might lead one to believe, I’m actually cutting down my purchases significantly….

      Another line I’ve been cherry picking is Action Force by Valaverse. I love the customizing capabilities with this line which allows me the chance to add to my other displays.
      For instance I added geared up Stealth troopers as GCPD to my DCUC Batman themed shelf, and dyed a Swarm figure all black (except for the wings and lenses on the helmet) as a stand in for Firefly on my DCUC Batman villains shelf.
      I also cobbled together some different figures with Bone Collector’s bald head to make a figure of myself, lol. I only had to add a goatee.


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        Today I've decided to purchase a few Transformers mainly focusing on the Beast Wars characters because I wanna experience the engineering that goes into those toys. I have a couple in my BBTS's Pile pf Loot, and a couple on pre-order.
        I know it's a slippery slope but I'll try my best not to get dragged into collecting another 100 of these since I literally have no storage space left. And I'm slowly in the process of getting rid of my old unneeded toy collection.

        I'm also very intrigued with the 52toys' Beastbox toys, and I might (just might) pick up a few later on and see how they compare to Hasbro's Transformers.


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          Ok. I'll finally respond.

          I don't get much of anything as I'm still trying to watch my wallet. Still not in a spot to buy things. But Todd McFarllane's Super Powers is the exception to the rule.

          A couple stories going on at DC that has brought me back to getting comics. So picking up a couple comics and anything else that catches my eye. But those are more impulse buys.

          The way this DC Dawn is looking I may be getting more.

          If I was in a position to get/buy more things it would be basic wrestling figures. Been wanting to get some for a while.

          To be honest I want to get back to watching local sports ball.


          • Croc-O-Bite!
            Croc-O-Bite! commented
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            How are you liking the McFarlane Super Powers line? I am so tempted to pick some up to display MOC on the few remaining empty spots on my office walls.
            The only reason I haven’t started yet is because I wanted a classic Darkseid and a Batman with the yellow oval like the original Super Powers toy.
            There’s still 2 Superman figures at my local Walmart, so I have time to grab him. Flash is still available at GameStops and Amazon, but if I do grab those 2, I only see myself continuing if there’s a Dock Grayson Robin, yellow oval Batman, and a classic Wonder Woman. For me anyway, the Super Powers packaging and having the figures looking like the originals is key to me getting on board.
            I’ve seen the complaints about the wave 1 capes and the hole in them, but if I do get one of those two Superman figures, he’ll remain in his plastic prison anyway.

          • MIDOR
            MIDOR commented
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            I like them. For some reason they are still in their packaging. Yes. it sucks that they DON'T have their action feature but they are still nice looking. The Vehicles are still in their packaging as well. I blame my rose colored nostalgia glasses and the thrill of the hunt aspect. I didn't have any vintage vehicles. As for the vintage figures I don't remember exactly who I all hade but I remember GL, GA, Flash, Robin, Aquaman, Superman and Lex Luthor in his battle suit.

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          I had to cancel some of my none MOTU pre-orders after picking up today's MOTU pre-order haul... I don't know how to keep up with the other toy lines anymore!!!

          Toy business is such a headache to deal with, like buying and restoring old classic sports cars that don't wanna start!


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            I’m pretty happy to see that McFarlane’s Batman 66 Batcycle is finally going to be released here in Canada. I preordered it from GameStop the moment I noticed it available there.
            Unfortunately my Batcave and Batmobile (which I’ve customized by painting as many details as I could) remain on the floor, and the few figures I do have are still MOC and are tacked to a wall, but I love motorcycles so there was no way I was passing on the Batcycle, even if it will have to stay on the floor by the Batcave. If the Batboat ever gets a proper release in Canada, I see myself grabbing that too.

            I was extremely tempted to preorder the McFarlane 89 Batmobile from the Flash movie (even placing it in my cart online at GameStop), but the office really is out of room for vehicles. But I do see myself caving in if there’s any review videos at the time of release, that shows 6 inch DCUC Batman figures fitting in perfectly.


            • Mechanizor
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              I think this McFarlane 89 Batmobile is pretty cool for its price range... I do have a die cast version in 1:24 still unsealed, and a couple of LEGO versions, the huge one and the smaller one, both unsealed and not sure if I wanna still keep them or sell them eventually?... I've missed on the big 89 LEGO Batwing before it was discontinued, so either I pick it or sell the what I have from this property and settle with the little die-cast models. LOL

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