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What are the first toys that you remember playing with?

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  • Croc-O-Bite!
    What I remember playing with first were those little Micronauts figures, but not strong memories of them.

    I remember having some of the first figures from Star Wars. R2, C3PO, Vader, Luke, and Ben. Plus the 12 inch Luke figure.

    At some point around that time I had a Stretch Armstrong figure.

    Then I remember having the 8 inch Mego Batman and Robin figures.

    I also remember having a few of the Mego pocket superheroes (Spider-man rings a bell), but it wasn’t many. My friend across the street had most of them.

    It wasn’t until MOTU that my parents went all in on getting me toys from a specific line and sticking to that line of toys. I was spoiled rotten with MOTU, having everything up to the start of the the Snakemen toys. It certainly helped that my aunt worked rather high up the ladder for Sears back then and helped out with access to her employee discount.

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  • What are the first toys that you remember playing with?

    For me the first was definitely vintage Masters of the Universe.

    More specifically, Man E Faces and Merman. I don't know why but they were the two that really impressed me in the packages.

    I actually made Merman the good guy because he had the sword and Manny had the gun making him the bad guy in my eyes. He even had the Monster face so they were good counterparts until Christmas came and imploded the entire Masters' Universe on me.

    That's when I realized He-man was the main protagonist with Manny on his side. Skeletor grew on me as I learned there were comics and coloring books depicting him as the evil antagonist searching for power.

    ​​​​​​​Gobots were my transformers. I didn't really get around to them until they killed off Optimus in the movie. I think I liked Gobots because they fit more with my hot wheels and matchbox.

    I also have fond memories of the Knight Rider booster and semi crash set, the General Lee by Ertl, and the A-team van by matchbox.

    Kenner was also totally one of my childhood staples as well. I always wanted M.A.S.K. but they were never found on the shelves around me.

    I swore the adults were into them too and buying those up. But who didn't have a Super Powers figure. Even some of the girls I knew had Wonder Woman at least.

    This is probably going to show our age but what toys do you remember first playing with?


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