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Yorktown: A Time to Heal (Star Trek Fan-film)

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  • Captain Atkin
    commented on 's reply
    All the ships were CGI, based on original designs from the 1980s.

  • Mechanizor
    I thought I've also spotted in there for a split second someone who's very dear to you John. God bless her soul.

    I need to watch it again to get the jest (or the lack of it) of the how the SHARK took the bait!

    Question; Were all the spaceships 3D rendered, or did you use actual props and miniature models to shoot those scenes?

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  • Black Zodac
    That was really well done! Cool seeing you in the Captain's chair at the end of the film

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  • Yorktown: A Time to Heal (Star Trek Fan-film)

    Way back in 1987, I had read in Starlog Magazine about a Star Trek fan-film that was being made in LA by a group of students. Amazingly, the producer of the film, Stan Woo, was able to get George Takei to play Sulu in his film, as well as James Shigeta (Die Hard) as Admiral Nogura.

    Jump to September of 2010.... I searched everywhere online for this film, but couldn't find it. I knew Stan lived in LA, so I contacted every Stan Woo in the city hoping I could find him. As luck would have it, he was working at the LA Community College. I asked about the film project, and he said that unfortunately he was never able to finish it, but still had all of the Super8 footage. With my film background, I suggested we work together on finishing the project, completing the VFX and filming new scenes on a starship bridge set. I ended up becoming an executive producer on the film, and put together a team of actors and artists to help finish the project. The biggest challenge was having all of the new footage match what was shot in the 80s, to have it look like a lost episode from that era.

    In April of 2022, the film was completed. It's been a long journey getting this film done (36 years in the making!)

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