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Have your collecting tastes/preferences changed much over the years?

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  • Have your collecting tastes/preferences changed much over the years?

    McFarlane’s nostalgic Batman 66 and Super Powers lines have me changing my collecting habits since their releases.

    I never kept figures MOC for display before, but all my Batman 66 figures are still MOC and are on my office wall. Something I never did before that line came out.
    I liked the look of them carded on the wall enough that it even got me to keep the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four figures in the 90’s cartoon packaging MOC and put them on the wall too.

    I haven’t pulled the trigger on the Super Powers line yet, but I’m tempted to do the same with that line too. The nostalgia really appeals to me.

    And that leads me to another change in my collecting habits, as now I’m only interested in a Super Powers Batman with the yellow oval. Back in the heyday of DCUC I only kept Batman figures with the black bat on the chest (so I should be saying DCSH Batman since they’ve the ones with the black bat on the chest), and my boys were given the Batman figures with the yellow oval.

    Anyone else change their stances on their collecting habits over the years?

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    Good question.


    Never was a cherry picker. Bought what I liked.and still do.

    I was and still am a bit shy on that trigger finger buy button.

    It's a different scenario getting figures when you was a kid. A bit unfair to compare.

    For example I have a dollar limit. Which sticks out for me on Legos and wrestling figures. Even if I was in a better spot money wise I still wouldn't get a Snake Mountain, Eternia or a Castle Greyskull. Just to expensive. And to a lesser degree the MOTU vehicles and playsets.

    I used to find myself for a long period of time going through a toy aisle be it a Target, Walmart or a TRU (when the U.S. had them) and going "this is what kids are playing with and collectiong today?!".


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      Yes and no...

      Toy wise, I'm mainly a LEGO/Brick-based guy since I was a toddler, not just because I love to collect specific models and building sets or themes, but because I love the challenge of making my own customs, and the world building that comes alongside the experience without the need to depend on other toy companies making it for you.

      Maybe one day when I have the luxury of owning a home with a dedicated decent space, I might start making my own 3D/resin-printing injection mold models if I can afford the machines and the tools, but then again I have to learn the whole process from scratch!

      Of course Toy collecting has become a very expensive and a space hungry medium, so I'm currently re-evaluating the whole hobby, and still trying to figure out what my main priorities are. So committing to whole lines have been changing drastically expect for a select few outside the LEGO/Brick world, and these are: MOTU Origins and Cosmic Legions.

      Everything else will be either cherry picked or bought to learn from or get inspired by to dive into my own toy experiments or art work.

      Straying away from that evil toy temptation is the hardest part especially when the choices are becoming endless! But you gotta do it...


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        My toy collecting habits have changed tremendously. I have always been a MoC collector and will probably continue that way until I eventually sell everything off someday. It has changed for me because I used to be that annoying completist collector (k-mart cards, vhs bonus, bilingual packaging, variant chase, etc) but now I just buy what I like and don't go out of my way to aquire anything anymore.
        “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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          Been a collector of figures since the early 2000s. I used to a MISB collector with 90%percent of my purchases. I would open the occasional figure that I really liked and wanted to pose but nothing too crazy. Now with Origins and Masterverse I have been buying minimum of 2 of each figure ao I can open one and keep one sealed since wave 1. But I've stopped even that and just buying one to open immediately since prices have been going up. I couldn't justify buying an extra just to store away anymore. And mind you I collect Mcfarlane,Marvel Legends and Transformers WFC figures as well with occasional figures from other lines like Star Wars,GI JOE and miscellaneous figures.


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