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Favourite MOTU/POP Facebook Groups?

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  • Favourite MOTU/POP Facebook Groups?

    This came to my mind from another thread.

    Ever since Facebook has grown and become "the norm", there have been SO MANY fans talking there about MOTU/POP in a wide variety of different Facebook-Groups dedicated to them. And with the social media-nature of information being spread and shared instantly, fans have been able to comment on news within seconds.

    - Heck, some fans get by with simply posting on their personal wall anything they want to say on MOTU and others will join the conversation. (makes it easy for certain people) So they don't even have click on a group to start a discussion.

    My question is: What Facebook Groups dedicated to MOTU/POP are your favourites?
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    - I am a big fan of the The He-Man Show page. I love the comics and the sense of humour on the site:

    - James Sawyer's Masters of the Universe Classics page is a great group to chat about the current toyline:

    - I run a Facebook page devoted to the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie at
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      Vintage obscure MOTU products trading group. No Motuc classics please. is the one that rules at the moment.
      I would still buy the infamous Stick-Man in all other lines but Classics


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