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    I just wanna say that this will be one long arse post!!! All about what I love to do... PODCASTING... I AM A PODCAST MACHINE!!!!!

    Our Logo Over the years

    The GeekCast Radio Network dedicated to UNLEASHING THE GEEK IN EVERYONE!!!!! Started in late 2008, carrying into June 2009 when the network first launched. It was started by Steve/Megatron formerly on TFWIRE's War Stories, now main host of All Things Transformers and I. I wanted to podcast, after a year or so listening to podcasts. I figured hmmm I can do this!

    My very first podcast was The TFG1 Podcast. As I stated in my introduction thread, I was VERY RAW back in 2008. I thought it had to be like a radio station, where everything moves super fast. Over the last four years that we have been online, I've learned that is not the case. So with TFG1 Podcast my goal was to relive my childhood, and analyze a cartoon I grew up with. As stated above I was very RAW, had no mic technique, never employeed judicious use of MUTE, and the first 11 episodes of the podcast are just godawful.

    By Ep 12 and on I had to have a co host, because what I learned in those first 11 episodes is that I'm not gifted enough to be a one man show. Some podcasters I've heard can do it masterfully, but me not so much. So with Steve on eps here and there, I turned a fan of the show into a cohost. PecanCtMichael joined up full time on TFG1 in Ep 14.

    While all this stuff was happening with TFG1 and Steve's show ATTF, behind the scenes we were creating. We were crafting the beginnings of what we eventually wanted to be the Geek Hub. A place where any geek could go, to find a podcast that they could listen to about something they were interested in. We soon started ToonCast Classic, a podcast dedicated to all other cartoons we grew up with. After that MWIRE - Movie Week In Review came along.
    On June 1, 2009 The GeekCast Radio Network was launched. Launching with it was the network's flagship podcast entitled GeekCast Radio. This flagship show is where we talk about geekdom in general. LET ME STATE THIS VERY CLEARLY, WE ARE AN EXPLICIY PODCASTING NETWORK... there may be some non explicit "family friendly" stuff in the future, but I set out to podcast with people of my generation that wanted to talk about the stuff they love. I don't podcast for kids.

    Every year since we launched, we've aimed for stuff that was bigger then the previous year. We've had over 50 interviews with voice actors, writers, musicians, and more! We've had people join our network, bringing in content that we either have no interest in or just can't get to. We have done several big events over the years. Our goal is to have on big event every year.

    The interviews we have gotten are just amazing!!!! Rather than me run down our guest list you can view/listen to them by looking here!

    Our podcasts are numerous if you use iTunes search "GeekCast Radio" or "The GeekCast Radio Network" (without the quotes) and you'll find most all of them. If you want to visit the website to find them all, you can click here to do that.

    The three big events we have done to this point are:

    The GCRN Top 100 Animated Series of All Time
    GCRN Warz 80s Cartoon Villains Tournament
    The GCRN Top 100 Animated Films Countdown

    We have another Top list podcast project in the works for 2013. There's so much we are doing, it's hard for me sometimes to keep it all straight, but I do and I'm loving where The GCRN is. I hope that some if not all the He-Man World forumites check us out. I'll be posting in this thread every time we have a new podcast ep.

    We covered He-Man and She-Ra for the first time wayyyyy back in 2009 on ToonCast Classic Ep 10

    The Five podcasts.... Here's where we started way back in 2007-2008:

    All Things Transformers This is Steve/Megatron's show... it was rough in the beginning, but gets better over time. I'd say start at Ep 08 and forward.
    iTunes Link
    RSS Link

    The TFG1 Podcast (which next year gets done right in celebrating 30 Years of TF, as we will be launching The TFG2 Podcast in September 2014)

    iTunes Link
    RSS Feed Link

    The Beast Unleashed Podcast! The world's first ever Beat Era centric podcast. Sure other TF podcasts have dedicated episodes to BW/BM, but we are the first ever to review every ep of both Beast Series from beginning to end.
    iTunes Link
    RSS Feed Link

    If you are into comics like I am now.... we have The Pull Bag... it's a combo podcast between review eps and discussion eps.
    You can catch Ender's Comic Credentials here and The Underbase's own Lady Wreck's story here

    Ender and I also reviewed the first three More Than Meets The Eye Volumes, and we will be reviewing the Robots In Disguise Volumes in the future. Find the MTMTE reviews in Ep 11, 12, and 13.

    The Pull Bag iTunes Link
    The Pull Bag RSS Feed Link

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and check out The GCRN..... remember UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!!!!
    Co-Creator of The GeekCast Radio Network

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    Something I think the He-Man World fans might be interested in is our debate podcast

    GCRN WarZ (no not World War Z... think internet slang... instead of THE internets... it's the INTERNETZ)

    It is a debate podcast... we pick 2 geeky topics, pit them against each other, then through 20 categories we debate which one has the better stuff.

    To catch you fine people up here are the links to iTunes, and all the previous posts:

    iTunes link:

    RSS Link:

    WarZ Episode 01: Dirty Government & Healthcare Horrors
    WarZ Episode 02: Flintstones Vs The Jetsons
    WarZ Episode 03: ThunderCats Vs Silverhawks
    WarZ Episode 04: Star Trek Vs Star Wars
    WarZ Episode 05: Die Hard Vs Lethal Weapon
    WarZ Episode 06: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Part 1
    WarZ Episode 07: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Part 2
    WarZ Episode 08: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Quarters
    WarZ Episode 09: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Semi-Finals
    WarZ Episode 10: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Finale
    WarZ Episode 11: Tournaments - 80s Cartoon Villains Champion Round Up

    Here's the bracket so far:

    there will be more warz in 2014!!!!!
    Co-Creator of The GeekCast Radio Network


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