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    Going finally start one of these threads.

    A thread to videos that Scott N. does that a bit more broad based.

    A thread that I will use to give a highly non detailed recap since some of you are not fans of his videos and can't stand him.

    This is the video that made me stop hemming and hawing about whether to start such a thread

    Title: Copied and pasted: Has Hasbro cracked the distribution strategy to keep STAR WARS 3 3/4 toys going?
    or if you prefer 10/5/23--Wednesday (that's how you guys do that right?) (see! teem player)

    A video where he talks about how Hasbro can sell non popular and what not figures.

    That way is an Army builder set.

    But not the way you or I think when we hear that phrase.

    He's talking about taking four different, separate and basically unrelated characters bringing them together in a package..

    He talks about how that is successful, how it works and what not.

    My thoughts; My B.S. detector kept going off during the video.

    I asked him two similar questions. I'll combine them here into one. LOSH and Fighting Foe Men happened under your tenure right? Do you personally think it's an Army builder.

    I also liked and commented on a comment saying multi packs and Army builders are two different things.

    I can NOT believe the phrase/term "army builder" is an industry or trade phrase that is applied to packs where the figures are totally separate, different and unrelated

    I can NOT believe it's a phrase/term that is used.

    I can NOT believe it's a phrase/term that is used in the industry.

    I BELIEVE it's a phrase/term that is created by and used by us fans. ​

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    Nuttlick also said he was going to eat crow but there's no video yet of him even saying he got it all wrong so it doesn't matter what Scott says.

    I am pretty sure he's used the term army builder before. When we got the two pack of Horde Troopers in Classics many were asking for single carded ones but he said something about the skus being different or some shit. Anyways I think what he's trying to refer to, I believe it's actually called kitting.
    “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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      just watched it


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        Did he say he was wearing his excited asshole hat? Either way, Nuttlick can still bugger off
        “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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          No. It was his lego admiral hat.

          He basically and subtly said towards the end I was right you was wrong. neener neener boo boo.


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            Lol. Good ol Neenor!
            “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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              This is what I've posted on his channel incase he deletes it:

              Scott your HUGE EGO needs to be checked!
              In a few years you're going to believe that you've co-created the whole brand!... I'm just amazed how much you keep trying to assert your own narrative despite how wrong you were!.... I know you're after views, but one day you gonna get hit with a legal action by Mattel that could end up deleting your content all together!​


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                Scott finally bought a Masterverse Zodac and reviews it.


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                  Scott rips into the He-Ro figure.

                  Scott Toy Guru Neitlich from Spector Creative discusses his extreme disappointment with the first ever retail He-Ro figure


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