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My MOTU fan-novels, "The Keldor Chronicles" and "Legacies."

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  • My MOTU fan-novels, "The Keldor Chronicles" and "Legacies."

    Hi, everyone!

    You may have heard about the MOTU fan-novel I released last year called "The Keldor Chronicles" (then again, maybe you haven't, so this is letting you know, haha).

    I want to let people know that I've just released its sequel, "MOTU: Legacies."

    The websites break down what the books are about, so I won't go on and on here, but I hope that you will check them out. They are both free to download.

    Whether you enjoy them or hate them, I crave feedback of all types (as long as the negatives are constructive and helpful. Thankfully, I haven't gotten any negative feedback yet, although it seems inevitable as you can't please everybody), so please hit me up afterward if you read them.

    "Chronicles" links:

    "Legacies" links:

    Good journey,

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    These look fantastic! I just downloaded both novels. Thanks!
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      Thank YOU!

      I hope you like them :-)


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        Those covers are amazing! I will have to check these out
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          It's funny because I'm not even sure how the covers ended up in my post. I guess this site grabbed them from the books' sites? Either way, I agree that they are pretty awesome.

          I commissioned them from a friend of mine (and fellow MOTU fan) named Mattias Fahlberg. I have his personal site linked on both sites.

          He was a pleasure to work with and while I came up with the concepts of what I wanted, he knocked both out of the park, IMO. I love them.


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