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    This thread is to discuss MOTU as a MMORPG, and all its play styles, possibilities and pitfalls. I've found myself craving a new game after dropping several that I had tired of. After many years of being a moderate player of City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Global Agenda, Marvel Online, and most recently League of Legends, I find myself day dreaming of a beautiful, expansive and intense MOTU game which would bring together some of the best elements of online gaming, and breath new life into the MOTU franchise. I will begin with an introduction into factions and characters, and go from there if the conversation gets going.


    Game Modes:

    MOTU will feature 4 unique game modes, offering long term play, personal experiences, or fast action games that give quick rewards.

    Single Player: In this Player VS AI mode, choose your Eternian Legend and play through Eternia in an immerse story driven world with multiple arcs. Explore the vast world of Eternia from the perspective of your Eternian Legend, good or evil and seek wealth, fortune and adventure as you interact with and battle some of the greatest Legends of Eternia.

    Team Adventure: In this Player VS AI mode, party up with 5 members and explore Eternia as you seek the power of Grayskull.

    Drop In: Drop into epic boss battles where players engage mythic creatures to earn rewards for themselves and their factions. Sink deep into the firey depths of Subternia to battle molten Rock Golems, and all that slumbers beneath the surface of Eternia's crust, or journey to Darksmoke and come face to face with Dragons!

    Ultimate Battleground: (Requires Faction team) Seek to rule Eternia. Each mini game follows a story and each battle between 2 teams of 10 (win/loss) determines who conquers Grayskull. Team members contribute gold and resources to each event to ensure victory. Each win will secure your territory as you move up a ladder to claim victory. As territories are conquered and held, one team alone rises to become rulers of Eternia and Masters of the Universe!


    The Factions:

    Choosing your faction will not only determine your role in the history of Eternia, it will also grant you a unique skill available only to that faction. While humble at first, at higher levels, these traits may determine a loss or win in the ultimate Battleground! Each drop in game style scenario will pit players against one another in the race to gather wealth, relics and artifacts to unlock the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Factions will control territory, and wage an ongoing war to possess all the power of the ancients and rule the universe.

    The Defenders of Eternia: Heroes that come from all over the planet, charged with protecting Eternia from the forces of Evil. They maintain peace, balance and order, ensuring the the ultimate power of castle Grayskull is never corrupted.
    Faction Bonus Skill: Stalwart in Battle, all members of this faction receive increased Armor Stats and Magic Resistance.

    Evil Warriors: Bound together by the will of their enigmatic leader Skeletor, villains under his rule seek to conquer Eternia and obtain the power of Grayskull for their master.
    Faction Bonus Skill: Bullies and thugs alike, all of Skeletor's minions do increased Damage during battle when their numbers outweigh their enemies, capitalizing on weaknesses

    The Evil Horde: Servants of the Horde are terrifying to behold in battle, and seek to enslave every living soul in the universe, employing twisted technology, and warping the very essence of magic, as they corrupt and convert everything that stands in their way of ultimate control.
    Faction Bonus Skill: An relentless Horde, all Horde members receive increased Health Regeneration when out of combat.

    Snakemen: An ancient and powerful race of reptilian humanoids under the control of King Hiss, these primitive warriors fearlessly serve their master, using natural gifts of fang and claw to rend enemies in the war to anoint their King as ruler of Eternia, and rule the planet.
    Faction Bonus Skill: All of King Hiss' minions receive increased Movement and Attack Speed when locked in combat.

    The Great Rebellion: United against The Horde, the most courageous of hearts and minds come together to rid the planet of evil and aid the The Defenders of Eternia in vanquishing all threats to peace, love and harmony.
    Faction Bonus Skill: Mystically Attuned to the magic of Etheria, all members of the Great Rebellion gain increased Mana and Energy Regeneration.


    Eternian Legends

    Each customizable avatar of an iconic Masters of the Universe character comes with 3 skill trees which can be tailored to complement their amazing abilities and your own unique play style. For example, one may build Stinkor as a fast-moving nimble assassin, stunning and crippling single targets with choking gas to set them up for a crushing blow from a mighty bruiser like Clawful, or instead build him as a slow moving support, kept at a distance to buffer his team with an ever expanding fog of choking death, swinging team fights in the favor of the enemy. As you will never encounter the same Eternian Legend in any gaming instance, you cannot expect to know how a Legendary character you are familiar with and now pitted against will play as each person will build differently.

    While all Defenders possess the Eternian Resilience tree, and all Snakemen have Apex Predator, investment into these trees drastically vary from legend to legend based on that characters unique stats and skills. For example, He-Man would potentially gain the most stats from maxing Eternian Resilience, soaking up the most damage directly in combat, however increasing Mekaneck's Eternian Resilience would greatly benefit his effectiveness as a solo scout, allowing him to take risks far from the protection of his team, granting vision to his allies, uncovering traps and finding unique items and loot.

    Unlike Marvel Heroes (that let you play as an iconic Marvel character in overpopulated maps) your Eternian Legend will be unique during each game.
    You will not be able to play as He-Man, Teela, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Webstor etc if someone else has chosen him for the event. You will have to choose someone else. This may seem unfair to some, but would be intended to keep the games pure and visually exciting. It will also force players to choose Eternians that best suit the needs of the team, fostering more complex and diverse team compositions, rather than simply have 4 He-Man's running around the map. You just may discover a under appreciated hero or villain that you will love!

    SNAKE FACE: Evil Snakeman with Petrifying Gaze

    Apex Predator: Players that invest in this tree will take advantage of the Snakemen's natural speed, strength and ability to consume their defeated enemies, regenerating their health more quickly in battle, creating a sturdy killing machine.

    Mystical Gaze: Players who choose this tree will further amplify Snakeface's mystical gaze, increasing its range, effect and cooldown, allowing him to petrify entire battalions of enemies, creatures, and even the heartiest Eternian Legend.

    Tooth & Claw: Players who focus in this tree, will increase the damage of all tooth and claw based attacks, sharpening their natural gifts, to strike even faster with linger bleed effects.

    FISTO: Heroic Master of Hand to Hand Combat

    Eternian Resilience: Players that invest in this tree will increase the heartiness of their heroic Eternian warrior, further increasing their Legend's damage resistance to ensure victory over even the most deadly of strike or sinister spell.

    Fist Mastery: Players who choose this tree will further amplify the might of Fisto's signature hand, granting him stunning blows and crushing grips to clobber his enemies into submission.

    Combat Mastery: Players who focus in this tree, will increase the damage of all sword attacks, sharpening steel, to perform devastating precision attacks with bleed effects and critical strikes.
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    SCARE-GLOW: Evil Master of Fear

    Ethereal Form Tree: Players who focus in this tree will build a relentless ghostly warrior, that is highly resistant to physical harm, or can effortlessly slip away into a vapor should the fight turn in the enemy favor, allowing them to stalk the battlefield, and go toe to toe with the mightiest of Eternians,

    Fear Mastery Tree: Players who choose this tree will create a haunting specter, that while perhaps frail, will confound enemies, incite terrifying visions that will freeze enemies in place, interrupt spell casting, and send enemies fleeing in fear.

    Scythe Mastery Tree: Players that invest in this tree will charge Scare-Glows scythe with powers drawn from the nether realm, filling his strikes with such deadly magic, that even He-Man, the strongest man in the universe will tremble at the sight of his ominous weapon.
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      i have no idea what this thread is about. but it might be my favorite. this is great


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        Its just a discussion of MOTU as a massive multi player online game. Share your ideas and opinions. I'm sharing mine. Below is how I feel Blast Attak should play.

        BLAST-ATTAK: Evil Exploding Snakeman Robot

        Armored Golem: Players that invest in this tree will take advantage of Blast Attak's massive bulk and armored skin, adding extreme resistance to harm,
        Unlike other Snakemen who are gifted with speed, Blast Attak reduces in movement as his armor and magic resist increases, making him a slow moving juggernaut.

        Critical Mass: Players who choose this tree will further amplify the intensity of Blast Attaks explosive core, granting him extreme range and AOE destruction potential. Blast Attak will burn down his enemies, and even pierce mystical barriers with his steaming, molten hot bolts and shield searing shrapnel. Should he be destroyed, this tree may grant him the chance to reconstitute after death, and continue the carnage.

        Combat Mastery: Players who focus in this tree, will increase the damage of all Blast Attak's melee attacks, granting him even more bone crunching strength as he cuts a swath through his enemies with his razor sharp modified axe.
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