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Masters of the Universe: The Trials of Darksmoke

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  • Masters of the Universe: The Trials of Darksmoke

    The trailer for the upcoming and final film in our MOTU fan trilogy -- The Trials of Darksmoke!

    Daily Motion:

    Vimeo (large version):

    Trailer for Masters of the Universe: The Trials of Darksmoke

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    Looks good. Some great cosplay costumes. Rio Blast at the end was pretty cool, and I like Starship Eternia!

    Johnny Bilson seems to be the go-to-guy for Tri-Klops in these fan films. He really the a master at making MOTU costumes!

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      Thanks man! I find it hilarious that I'm playing the same character in no less than three otherwise unrelated fan-film series, for a total of four completed films with one currently in production. If you haven't seen them yet, John Carroll's first two films, Wizard of Stone Mountain, and Fountain of Life (the first one I appeared in) are available to stream online at his site:

      P.S.: Rio Blast was in fact awesome!

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    Thanks! Yes, Johnny is great and a really nice guy. There were a lot of talented people who contributed to this and really helped us raise the bar from the previous films in the trilogy. It has been quite a journey!


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      I loved working on these films! Everyone I met out in Austin was super-cool, and it was fun to hang around with you, John; you got every reference I made to obscure MotU lore (as well as other random 80s pop culture). Looking forward to seeing this final chapter.


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        So glad that I was approached at Power-Con '13 by Mr. Carroll and Captain Atkin. I had a "Blast"! Pun intended and my apologies for that. Big thanks to Johnny "Tri-Klops" Bilson for that kind praise. It was a pleasure meeting and hanging out with you guys at Power-Con. Loving this "Thrillogy". Looking forward to the completion of this film. Kudos to all of your hard work and big thanks for allowing me to take part.


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          That looks impressive considering the budget you guys have... BTW, did I just spot J. Atkin playing Blade, or was it someone else?


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            That was indeed Mr. Atkin playing Blade!


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              Thanks Malik, I knew it, considering Atkin's obsession with everything revolves around the MOTU movie!


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                Looks cool.
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