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"Dark Sacrifice" - Grayskull-con exclusive mini-comic!

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  • "Dark Sacrifice" - Grayskull-con exclusive mini-comic!

    Hello chums! Here is the artwork from the "Dark Sacrifice" Grayskull-con exclusive mini-comic, based on the 80's German audio play. Art by me, and text byGunnar Sadlowski.


    Page 1 - Skeletor is attacked in his lair and captured by strange forces!

    Page 2 - Summoned by the spirit of Grayskull, the heroes prepare to leave to rescue Skeletor trough a portal device!

    Page 3 - Meanwhile, on Dark-Eternia, Keldor is given magical weapon by Anti-Zodac, the cosmic enforcer.

    Page 4 - The heroes of Eternia arrive on Anti-Eternia and are cought in the middle of a clash between its heroes and villains!

    Page 5 - The combined forces of He-Man's and Keldor's heroic warriors overwelm the evil warriors of Dark-He-Man.

    Page 6 - Skeletor is held prisoner by Dark-He-Man, who plans to use the lord of destruction to gain more power.

    Page 7 & 8 - The heroes of Eternia and Anti-Eternia storm Castle Angelface to free Skeletor and thwart Dark-He-Man's evil plan!

    Page 9 - As He-man faces his evil doppelganger, Orko ventures the castle's prison to find and free Skeletor.

    Page 10 - On the ceiling of the castle, Keldor and Anti-He-man are engaged in a fierce battle.

    Page 11 - Free from his chains, Skeletor reaches the portal device and strikes He-man with his power to get back to Eternia.

    Page 12 - Skeletor makes it back to Eternia, where his henchmen are already waiting for him.

    Page 13 - He-Man makes it back to Eternia as well, and after a short battle the evil warriors flee.

    Page 14 - He-Man is reunited with his friends. Everything is back to normal on Eternia (...or is it?)

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    Thank you much Daniele, and may I ask, whose art is that?... It's just fantastic, very reminiscent of Alfredo Alcala's style but a bit more vivid and organic! Simply awesome.


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      Super-Sweeeeet! I love it!


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        Very cool.


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          I like that you gave anti he-man a goatee. Also thanks for finally giving a visual for castle angelface.
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            Thanks everyone, guys.
            Just a note, Dark-He-man , Castle Angelface and most of the "anties" came from the COTUworld concepts and ideas, see here:

            and here:


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              Plus, I've placed every sort of easter eggs all around the comic, can you see it all? And what terrible secret is hidden in the last page?


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                These are amazing. I've been a big fan of your work for a while now. I eat this stuff up!
                Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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                  Thanks for posting this. I didn't think the Transformers Shattered Glass concept would translate to He-Man, well, I think it does now. I always dug ANTI-He-Man, but seeing good Keldor was a trip - it really works.
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                    I simply cannot stop looking at this art work, it's so mesmerizing, please don't stop indulging us with your craft.


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                      Awesome work, wow!!!
                      "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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                        Thanks a lot for sharing your great art, danbrenus.


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                          Thanks everyone Truebelievers, I just wish to claim that everything I did here of Dark-Eternia, comes from the minds of Rob Hexevo (aka Galaxywarrior) and SkeletonCrew, creators of the COTUworld universe, which inspired me a lot in these years.
                          You can find it all here:

                          And here:

                          ....still nobody figuring out the easter eggs?


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                            Originally posted by danbrenus View Post
                            ....still nobody figuring out the easter eggs?
                            Do you mean easter eggs like the Horde shin armors (Greaves) on page 3, or hidden shapes within the art itself like what it appears to be Adam's face shape on the back of Skeletor's hood on page 12?


                            • danbrenus
                              danbrenus commented
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                              Uh..nope. The shin armors are just made as they appeared on Skeletor in first minicomic, and Adam face???? Man, you got imagination! I really haven't noticed it until now! So, no, there are a big amount of "hidden" things...

                            • Mechanizor
                              Mechanizor commented
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                              Well, in that case all I see skulls, weapons, staffs, symbols on the tapestry/flags, evil eyes, and I don't know if they were part of your hidden easter eggs or not!

                            • Captain Atkin
                              Captain Atkin commented
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                              Man-at-Arms looks kind of mean in that last picture... lol. Is he really the Anti-Man-at-Arms?

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                            Sorry I can't find anything. I've looked for a long time. Why don't you just tell us?
                            "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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                              OK then, but you'll bite your's Orko! I always hated the fllying fleabag, and finally, off panal, Skeletor blasted him to cinder after he was freed from his chain BWAHAHAHAHAH!


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                                Oh, I never cared for Orko either, so I didn't notice.
                                "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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                                  I'm no fan of Orko either, so I didn't care if he's still around or not... But off panel? Come on!!! Even Man-At Arms didn't show his pleasure after Orko's demise!


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