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  • The coming horde

    Of sculptures!
    Well, eventually anyway. With lack of space it's only the one so far - Illumina!

    I've added more to her legs and put in additional wires for the rest of her arms; eventually her sword and part of her sabercat will be included in this. Wasn't sure I was going to include them but got some encouragement to do so. So far I'm liking the not-pictured additions. Apologies for the bad lighting.

    Not sure how long it will take to complete her but I've already started to wonder who might be next in the line-up. Throw out any suggestions! Not concerned about which era or anything.
    Part of me wants to try re-vamping Skeleteen... not honestly sure why. Maybe it's a 'this is so bad it's intriguing' kind of thing. As a place holder I'm calling him Skeletos; otherwise the ridiculousness of his name alone might change my mind.

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    Little update. Haven't been able to work on this as much as I'd like. Next few weeks will be similar unfortunately.

    Pay no mind to the 'arms', will fix those once her body is mostly complete.


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      Just a quick post. Still haven't been able to work on this all that much, as expected. On top of that I've been sick lately.
      But! She's coming together.


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        Quick post to show she's still being worked on Not too many major changes - mostly been evening out her hip armor to give her more of a figure. Have to sand down some other parts too, and still not sure if I'll end up adding in the rest of her arms or not. Still undecided on that end.

        Additional shot to show some of the other things I've been working on. All of these were started around the same time and have gotten worked on randomly over the past few months. Still don't have as much time as I'd like, but since they are all for fun there's really no rush.
        There's also a halloween themed Octopus not in this shot. Little bugger is actually cute!


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          Well I've been bad and haven't worked on this figure for a while. Life and all that, and was at a loss for what to do for a base. Pretty sure I've got a solid idea for it. Didn't include her weapon in this - it's started but isn't very stable :/


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