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  • MOTU: LOST TALES (a series of vintage style fan-comics and children's books)

    Since as long as I can remember I've been "writing" MOTU fiction. I never complete these stories. What's the point? I can't make money off them and they are time consuming to write. But I make notes, synopsis, and even write out full scripts and even do the occasional story board or thumbnail sketch. It's a lot of time "waited", fun though it may be. I never share them because they are almost always incomplete. So I'm finishing these "lost tales". I name them that because they are always written from the point of view that they COULD be unpublished stories from 1982-1992 (i REALLY wish the Cosmic Key was real! LOL) and cover any era, theme or branch of the brand from POG though the era of King He-Man, from the dawn of time all the way to it's end. I'm posting this looking forward to any and all criticisms, valid or otherwise. Hate them? LMK. Just remember to explain WHY you hate them. If you see a typo (and there will be plenty I'm sure) LMK that too so I can fix it. See a glaring plot hole? I want to see it too. These are not going to be full of very many new characters. I hardly ever create those. (though I do have to figure out how to use a pirate pair named Boot Leg and Kit Bash I created using spare parts) I'm not going to put my self in the action. I'm not good in a fight! I want to get into the heads of the characters WE ALL GREW UP WITH to find out who they are and what makes them that way.

    I'm going to try and keep this close to PURE VINTAGE NOSTALGIA, but without the rose colored glasses. Even the best Vintage story could still be better after all. I may throw a 200X Easter egg reference or re-imagine a MOTUC character in a vintage format and setting. I'm not going to try too hard to make ALL the continuity line up in a single Canon. I'm not going to be afraid of crossing cannons either though.! I'm a Multiversal kind of guy. I want to see Original (jungle) He-man and Filmation He-Man team up and fight the evil SAVAGE HE-Man! You might find a small retcon from time to time. A good example would be My forthcoming Roboto Style Guide update in which Duncan doesn't BUILD Roboto, Duncan "Rebuilds" Roboto using ancient robot parts (see how awesome cross continuity can be, that's a Filmation mini comic and Golden book reference all rolled into one without changing a single story element! All three roboto stories complement each other and fit together in a narrativ informing of his growing personality.) I'm going to resist the temptation of writing my version of Powers of Grayskull #2 and #3 since I hold out the hope that we will find out more of what was actually planned someday. My views of MOTU history and it's continuity is that it flows like Water. After all, this isn't a vanity project where I glorify my own ideas. I want to swim in the ideas of our shared youth. I don't want to change anything, I just want to add to the tapestry of Master of the Universe, Princess of Power and New Adventures lore. SO grab a drink, put on some music and let be tell you of the days of HIGH ADVENTURE!
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    Masters of the universe The LOST TALES (a series of vintage style fan-comics and children's books)

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    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: UNTITLED mini comic. (1-4 panels per page)

    Continuity Family:
    1987 mini comics. Imagine this story drawn or inked by Bruce Timm and taking place after The Search for Keldor but before New Adventure series. This is also in continuity with Filmation. The cartoon is no longer in production. It's also in continuity with POP mini comics. With the assistance of the Beam Blasters, The Etherians might have driven the Horde Off world . Perhaps that is why the princesses have so much time to play dress up and have Tea parties while Hordak is living on a desolate space rock [Near] Etheria without all his soldiers and vehicles.

    Background: Vintage card back rocks explosion.
    Foreground: He-Man's unconscious body laying on the ground, (The implication being that He-Man was blasted through a wall, and that is where the flying red bricks are coming from. Over He-man's body, Ninjor and Rio-Blast Battle each other in a frenetic action pose. Spectral or holographic Skeletor head appears laughing and floating about, reminiscent of the Filmation opening titles. "Space Cowboy VS Demon Ninja" action blurb on cover like POG: "The Legend Begins".

    Page One & Two:
    Man-At-Arms and Rio Blast are testing a new weapon defense system called the "BEAM BLASTER" (toy advertisement of the Beam-Blaster & Artilleray) that is being developed to help the Etherian Rebels fight against the Horde occupation. Skeletor is spying on them via a magic lens while sitting on his throne in Snake Mountain. The Heroic Warriors are pleased with their hard work and prepare to return to Eternos City.. They plan on the next day to present this new weapon defense system to King Randor. Their hope is to get his approval so they can begin mass production and begin sending regular shipments of Beam Blasters to Etheria via Gwildor's Cosmic Key. Skeletor orders Ninjor to sneak into Duncan's lab, under the cover of night to steal the Beam Blaster and the schematics so he can mass produce the Beam Blaster himself.

    Page Three, Four and Five:
    Ninjor arrives at the palace and waits for everybody to go to bed. He knocks the guards out using gas. He uses his surroundings to trick the motion sensors. using his stealth, he dodges security light and cameras. He ninja jumps and slides through a laser grid. Ninjor summons the demon trapped within his flesh to speak an ancient counter spell to break though a mystic lock. The only thing Ninjor didn't take into account was Rio Blast's wireless bionic link to the Beam Blaster. (Just Imagine an Eternian style 1980's Bluetooth, whatever that looks like) The moment Ninjor touched the Beam Blaster, Rio is awoken out of sleep mode. (He sleeps standing up one leg against the wall Cowboy style) He rips out his charging cords and runs towards the lab gunning for a fight! His hot hotheadedness and ego prevented him from even THINKING to ask for help, much less investigate before seeing what the problem is. Even asleep, He's rootin tootin, ready to blast first and ask questions later. YEEHAW! Giddyup.

    Page Six, Seven, Eight and Nine:
    ROUND ONE: FIGHT! Ninja Vs Cowboy. Tech VS magic. Blasters vs blades bow arrow and nunchucks! They are evenly matched and equally impressed with each others skill, not that either warrior would admit to that. Ninjor never even says a damn thing! It's all in his eyes! Orko & Cringer, comming from the kitchen after their late night snack, discover the battle while passing by Duncan's lab. (If there is enough panel space for it, I have a couple gags about them bickering who gets to eat what while they poke around in the Royal Refrigerator. Names are on all the food. They know who's they can eat and who's not to...) While outside Duncan's lab, Cringer quickly darts one way, (all we even see is his cartoon motion outline where he use to be) and Orko runs the other way, TOWARDS Adam's Bedroom. Adam jumps out of bed, grabs his sword and runs towards the lab. Watching the battle from around a corner, Adam walls to see if Rio needs or will ask for help. When it looks like Ninjor might just have the upper hand, (all of Rio's blasters are taken out with all of Ninjor's arrows. Nunchucks are broken and Ninjor draws his sword) Adam reaches for his sword. Rio looks at Ninjor and looks at a panic button a couple of time while defending him self with a broken blaster as if it was a shield. Rio hesitates before pushing The panic button, but he finally pushes it JUST as Nijor moves in for the kill...(*Whew!)

    Pahe ten:
    Ninjor races from the palace like a bat outta hell as he Ninja Vanish in a puff of smoke that stinks of brimstone...Ninjor arrives back at Snake Mountain instantaneously thanks to his Demon Teleport power he stole from Mortal Kombat's Scorpion. Ninjor receives the standard melodramatic rant filled verbal abuse that comes standard after failing Skeletor. Ninjor thinks to him self that Skeletor should be use to failing by now, but pretends to be the submissive slave begging forgiveness. He goes so far as to suggest that he will exile himself to the Pool of Shadows for having dishonored the Great Skeletor... Skeletor pleased with the groveling, says that he'd drop Ninjor into A near by Volcano if he didn't think Ninjor might enjoy that..Laughing, Skeletor exits the room. Once he is out of Skeletor's sight, Ninjor contacts his TRUE master (identity not given) to tell him that the Rebels are about to get a new weapon and they need to be prepared for what it can do. (this will tie into a future mini comic where we see more of the Beam-Blaster & Artilleray in action on the Eterhian battle front. Give those Princess Tea Parties and dress up parities something to celebrate about!)

    Page eleven:
    Teela, Duncan, Queen Marlena, King Randor, Clamp Champ and The Royal Guard arrive in Duncan's lab. King Randor is happy but not surprised to see Adam on the scene so quickly. The King is proud to see Adam taking initiative and comments that he has grown a lot in the past few of years. (That being 1983-1987) Adam responds, "I guess Skeletor's relentlessness will do that to a guy". (we see Duncan using gadgets and gizmos to fix Rio's blasters while everyone else is talking) Rio apologizes for waking everybody up,. King Randor reassures him that he did exactly what was right. He tried to handle the situation him self, but when he realized he couldn't, he acknowledged that he needed help and asked for it. No shame or embarrassment should be felt. "That is exactly what family and friend are around for, to help each other." says The Queen. Rio thanks the King and Queen, but admits, that he still could have been more careful, that he jumped into battle without assessing the situation first. Orko comments," that's why we have tomorrows" and points at the rising sun that is illuminating the courtyard down the hall. Cringer sheepishly says while still hiding "it's late and I'm still tired, I'd like to come out, it sounds like it's over. Is it over isn't it?" Randor comments "some things never change." Heads thrown backwards, everybody laughs. Prince Adam winks at us in the final panel. "Good Journey" it is captioned.
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    Once upon a time, good advice was "be kind Rewind"now nobody remembers the past.

    Masters of the universe The LOST TALES (a series of vintage style fan-comics and children's books)


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