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"The Sorceress", "Shokoti", and "Catra" by Simon Eckert

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  • "The Sorceress", "Shokoti", and "Catra" by Simon Eckert

    Simon Eckert (AKA Scebiqu) has shared with us his beautiful Masters of the Universe paintings of the Sorceress, Shokoti, and Catra.

    Filmation undisputedly had a special talent when it came to creating female cartoon characters. These are my tributes to the some of the most gorgeous ones.

    Shokoti, a villainess from the old Filmation He-man cartoon. Appearing in the episode House of Shokoti pt. 2 which was agreeably of one of the best Episodes. I just wanted to add a little color to a sketch and keep it sketchy, but somehow got carried away with rendering again. Don´t really know whats going on with the pose, probably she´s like “excellent Lord Masque, everythings proceeding as I have forseen!”

    The Sorceress! A little fanart to celebrate 30 years of Masters of the Universe. I just watched a few episodes of the old Filmation cartoon again and though it has a lot of weaknesses I still like it and simply love the striking and elegant design of the Sorceress.

    I remember the Temple of Darkness mini comic as a pretty common one, at least I owned it several times as a kid. The torchlit temple and pitch black sky had a dark and mysterious atmosphere. It definitely was one of my favorites. Doing a homage also gave me the chance to draw the Sorceress once again.

    The villainess Catra from the She-Ra Filmation Cartoon
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    Definitely some superb art work here, specially the Shokoti painting... However, something about Skeletor's proportions aren't right for me though, either his hands are way too big, or head is a bit too small!


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      That painting of the Sorceress is gorgeous!
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        That Shokoti and Catra are amazing.
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        Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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          Great work man!!


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            Look on the link for his picture of Entrapta. Amazing!
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              If you look at his gallery, it's full of some outstanding artwork and Pinup that are even more superior to his MOTU/POP stuff!


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