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The MOTU 2019 Movie I'll Never See

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  • The MOTU 2019 Movie I'll Never See

    I’ve posted this on nearly every social media site I’m on, so here's the first part with links to the rest in the description.

    This is a scriptment of how I’d do a movie for MOTU to start a possible trilogy. 80 pages typed in MS Word packed with plenty of Easter Eggs. Yes, it needs some polishing and some fleshing out, but it has better intentions than The Unnamed One and Baby Skeletor. No soundtrack featuring 80s pop bands, no Earth, no Adam-as-a-soldier, no katana power swords, and no Skeletor put in the corner. See what I did there, Money Super Market fans? Imagine the look to be like the original toys with some detailing updates like products from 200X, Sideshow and Mondo. If soundtrack is a big deal to you, listen to some Apocalyptica, without guest singers, and you’ll have a decent idea of where I’m going. Of course, characters and their powers are a big part of this. I’m just asking for open minds here, but I’m expecting big objections with Ram Man, Demo-Man/Skeletor, and how I’ve handled Man-At-Arms and Tri-Klops.

    If 80 pages is TL;DR for you, here’s a summary with spoilers. After his newborn daughter Adora is kidnapped during a failed coup led by his necromancer half-brother Keldor, King Randor is overprotective of his remaining son Adam. Adam grows up spoiled and rebellious, but filled with wonder and a good heart. When the terrorist Skeletor carries out an attack on the Palace of Eternos during Adam’s 18th birthday, Duncan, Randor’s Man-At-Arms, escapes with the prince to the long forgotten, mythical Castle Grayskull. Duncan’s adopted daughter Teela is left to lead Eternos against the attack. Adam meets Sorceress and Sharella, discovering his link to King Grayskull and his destiny to become He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe and the defender of The Power held within Castle Grayskull. We’ll get a quick flashback on Teela’s origin here and Cringer and Orko will be revealed as stowaways in the vehicle Duncan and Adam used to travel to the castle. Oh yeah, we learned from Sorceress Adora is still alive but “shrouded in darkness”, She-Ravers.

    He-Man, after Adam’s first transformation sequence, comes in to save the palace and defeat Skeletor’s forces in a “training opportunity” seized by Sharella. As they continue Adam’s training, He-Man attempts to foil one of Skeletor’s attacks on a Gar refugee camp against Sharella’s advisement. He-Man forces Skeletor and his warriors to flee, but inadvertently destroys most of the village and blames himself for the death of one of its citizens. Remorseful, Adam chooses to stop being He-Man. He begins sneaking away from the palace with stolen supplies to help rebuild the village despite popular attitude that the royal family is racially motivated to oppress the Gar people. Oh yeah, Orko returned the Sword of Power to Adam just in case he changes his mind. During this time, Skeletor reflects on his clashes with He-Man, his merging with Demo-Man and the realization that Castle and King Grayskull are real. We then get two Hordak scenes in flashbacks that are key elements of the mythos from the 200X series.

    After nearly a month, Adam is caught red handed by Teela in the Gar village. The Gars have had no idea he’s really the prince. Adam eventually feels compelled to tell Teela he was He-Man, but is interrupted by Sharella. She reveals to him the Gar’s death he had believed he caused was an illusion she created to test him. Sharella and Adam receive a telepathic message from Sorceress that Skeletor has discovered Castle Grayskull’s location and is attacking. Teela gets a transmission from Duncan of Skeletor’s forces attacking the palace. Sharella tells Adam to get the sword and she’ll defend Grayskull as well as she can before he arrives. Adam and Teela, despite her protests, go to Eternos. Just as Adam breaks away from the calamity, he turns into He-Man with Orko and Cringer. By this point, this is about the third time we see Battle Cat. For that matter, this is He-Man’s third appearance as well.

    Anyway, He-Man agrees to help Randor’s army knowing this is a diversion for him. Once He-Man turns the momentum in Randor’s favor, he races to Castle Grayskull in a Road Ripper. Yep. Skeletor’s army retreats as He-Man leaves. Duncan informs Randor he’ll be assisting He-Man with his own battle, but not without additional volunteers who will eventually make up our Masters of the Universe team. Then we go into our epic battle with He-Man leading the MOTU against Skeletor and his army at Grayskull. We get the death of one of the main characters I’ve previously mentioned, no good news for the Orko haters, before our heroes are victorious. Post credits scene, we learn Adora is now an adult and taking on the name Despara. Hordak tells her of a new “resource” she will go to Eternia to get for him.

    There you have it. I feel I left a lot of stuff I'm really proud of from the summary. Anyway, if you read my entire scriptment and don’t like it, that’s cool. If you enjoyed it, I’m trying to cook up a sequel that doesn’t go off to Etheria. That’s for the third movie. Just sucks because I’ll never get to see it happen in 2019. Thanks, Sony.
    I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?

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