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  • Encyclopedia of Eternia: Bios

    I'm starting this thread to post the character bios from my 'Encyclopedia of Eternia' fanfic, a potentially never-ending project that encompasses my entire vision of the world of Eternia and the MOTU saga, from the very beginning to end. The main story, the History section, can be found here: Although I do intend to set up a website for the project before too long so the whole thing can be read in one place. I am currently working on the bios for the heroic characters and will post them here from the start. Here is my bio for He-Man, and more will follow:



    Chapter 1: The Heroic Warriors of Eternia


    Name: Adam of the House of Randor
    Height: 5ft 11 inches (as Adam), 6ft 6 inches (As He-Man)
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Eternia

    Powers and Abilities: Prince Adam is able to use the magic Sword of Power to become He-Man, most powerful man in the universe. As He-Man he possesses the power of super-strength, possessing the strength of ten thousand men. He is able to perform many superhuman feats such as leaping high distances and lifting tremendously heavy objects. He can fire bolts of power from his sword, and in times of great need, can call upon the Elders for extra power.


    Prince Adam is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia. He was one of two twins born to the monarchs during the Great Unrest. His twin sister, Adora, was abducted at birth, and Adam was brought up alongside Teela, the adopted daughter of Duncan, the royal Man-At-Arms. From an early age, Adam exhibited a highly adventurous and exuberant streak. He was boisterous as a child and had a love of practical jokes. This persistently annoyed his father, Randor, who was often preoccupied with his Royal duties and worried about Adam’s suitability for inheriting the crown from him in the future. However, the young Adam became much closer to his mother, Marlena, who read him bedtime stories at night about the history, myths and legends of Eternia, and this built up Adam’s sense of wonder and excitement about the world around him.

    Adam’s excitement and longing for adventure often led him into dangerous situations, such as the time he sailed to the Berserker Islands alone while on a family holiday, at the age of 13. He was rescued by Man-At-Arms before any harm could come to him, but King Randor blamed Adam for being foolish and irresponsible, and for not thinking before doing anything. Queen Marlena, however, was impressed with Adam, and while she warned him about venturing near dangerous places as strongly as Randor did, she was impressed by his courage and sense of adventure, and knew that someday he would become a true hero.
    Adam grew up to be a wild and rebellious teen, who often neglected his studies and Royal duties to play games and flirt with the ladies of the court. This greatly increased Randor’s concern, and he was subjected to frequent scolding and numerous groundings from his father. Marlena, however, took a much calmer view of her son, knowing that his youthful exuberance was a sign of inner bravery and heroism.

    Adam often felt very misunderstood, mainly because his father was constantly complaining to him about his apparent irresponsibility and lack of ambition. Adam seemed unable to convince him otherwise. Even worse was the fact that Teela, the adopted daughter of Man-At-Arms, with whom Adam had grown up almost like a sibling, saw him in much the same way as his father did. Since Adam had always been close to Teela, and now in his adolescence he was developing romantic feelings towards her, he was very hurt by the fact that she didn’t take him seriously. Adam often found he could confide in his mother, one of the only people who truly recognized his inner bravery and nobility. He also confided a lot in Man-At-Arms, as he also understood Adam well, and had been close to him ever since his early childhood. Man-At-Arms, like the Queen, recognized Adam’s inner bravery, and was always there to reassure him that he had the potential to be a true hero. The two became so close that Man-At-Arms became like a surrogate father to Adam.

    Besides his mother and Man-At-Arms, Adam always felt at ease when accompanied by his pet, the Eternian tiger Cringer, whom he had found in the Evergreen Forest at the age of ten. Cringer was always loyal to the Prince, and despite being easily scared, was a valuable pet to him. As he grew older, Adam began to take more breaks from the palace on his own, to escape his father’s ranting, explore the world of Eternia and discover his inner heroism.

    This heroism was also noticed by The Sorceress of Grayskull. When Adam reached manhood, and the evil forces of Skeletor first attacked Eternia, The Sorceress knew she had found the right man on whom to bestow the powers of Grayskull, for the sake of Eternia’s defense. Adam possessed all the necessary bravery, honesty and nobility required of the planet’s defender- and given that he was highly misunderstood by many around him, his mortal form would ensure the firm protection of his secret identity, as no-one would suspect that this man was also Eternia’s hero.

    The Sorceress summoned Man-At-Arms to bring Prince Adam to Grayskull, where he was presented with the Sword of Power. The sword transformed him into He-Man- most powerful man in the universe. Although Adam was surprised and confused that he had been chosen as Eternia’s defender, he also felt a sense of excitement at the fact his heroism had finally been recognized, and that he was being given the chance to become the hero he had dreamed of being as a child.

    Adam went on to save Eternia from danger many times, in the form of He-Man. As He-Man, he became recognized not only throughout Eternia, but throughout the universe, as a truly great hero and defender of goodness, winning the admiration of many. However, his double identity also caused much anxiety and frustration for the Prince. As Adam, he felt forced to exaggerate his casual, happy-go-lucky side to avoid giving away his secret. Although this worked, it evoked even more scrutiny from Randor and Teela over how he was neglecting his responsibilities even in his adulthood. And the fact that both Randor and Teela greatly admired his heroic acts as He-Man proved even more frustrating for him, for he longed to be able to tell them his secret and reveal his inner hero to his loved ones. But as the Elders of Grayskull had forbidden him from disclosing his secret lest it fall into enemy hands, only Man-At-Arms, and the court jester Orko who stumbled on the secret by accident, were permitted to share his secret. Adam’s closest confidants, as a result, became Man-At-Arms and The Sorceress, two of the only people who knew Adam for who he really was, while his faithful pet Cringer, himself bestowed with the secret identity of Battle Cat, remained always at his side.

    Following the final battle against Skeletor on Eternia, and the revelation of his secret identity, Adam took up the identity of He-Man permanently, his two forms merging into one as he grew older, and was crowned King of Eternia following the death of his father. He went on to foray into outer space to defend the futuristic world of Primus against the onslaught of Skeletor, and following his subsequent victory, remained hailed throughout the universe as its mightiest savior.

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    Name: Duncan
    Height: 6ft
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Eternia

    Powers and Abilities: Duncan is a brilliant scientist and inventor, and is responsible for the vast majority of Eternia’s weaponry and combat vehicles. He is also a skilled soldier and battle commander, with a great range of combat skills.

    Ever since the establishment of the monarchy on Eternia, each King and Queen was served by a Man-At-Arms, who would provide the weaponry for the kingdom and work on scientific advances. At the time that the forces of Skeletor struck Eternia, this position was occupied by Duncan. Duncan was the last surviving member of a family of great warriors and soldiers, who had devoted their lives to Eternia’s armed forces.

    While he was trained as a soldier from birth to maintain the family tradition, Duncan took a keen interest in science from an early age. As a child, Duncan showed little interest in fun and games and instead spent much of his time studying the laws of physics, and the biochemistry of the universe. His father felt that Duncan should develop his scientific skills to go alongside his battle skills, which were already very impressive by the time Duncan had reached his teens. Therefore, he sent Duncan off to a scientific training academy, to be mentored by a middle-aged man named Rohad, a veteran of Eternia’s technological progress.

    Duncan immediately proved to be one of Rohad’s most keen students, spending hour after hour experimenting alone in the lab and furthering his studies. Duncan’s youthful enthusiasm occasionally led to accidents within the lab, but Rohad never blamed or scolded the young genius, instead admiring his flare for science and his dedication to the service of humankind through scientific advances. At the age of 18, a personal tragedy struck Duncan when he received news of his father’s violent death when defending one of the Southern kingdoms against an orc army, thus leaving Duncan the last living member of the family. But this only increased Duncan’s determination to advance his skills as his father would have wished. By the age of 21, Duncan made his name legendary throughout Eternia by finding cures for several of Eternia’s highly feared tropical diseases. Then at 24, Duncan completed his greatest invention of the time- the Wind Raider, a highly advanced air vehicle that could be used both as a standard form of air transport, and as a rescue vehicle. At the same time, Duncan continuously practiced his warrior skills and won numerous awards for the strength he demonstrated in combat.

    Duncan graduated from the training academy with numerous impressive qualifications, and went to Eternos, where he began lecturing in science at the University, alongside a tenure with the King’s guards. He quickly became a close friend of King Miro, the planet’s ruler of the time, and his immense skill and bravery led Miro to grant him the promotion to Captain of the Guard, and shortly afterwards, the position of Man-At-Arms.

    By the time the Great Unrest took hold, Duncan was already well-prepared to serve the planet’s new ruler, King Randor, in the war that began to ravage Eternia.

    During the war, another tremendous, life-changing event took place in Duncan’s life. He received a visit from Teelina, The Sorceress of Grayskull, who presented him with her baby daughter, Teela. Now that she had become The Sorceress, Teelina was unable to look after her daughter by herself. She had heard tales of Duncan’s nobility from her husband, Zendar, who had trained alongside Duncan during his time in Eternos. She therefore believed that Duncan was the right person to bring up her daughter- and to train her as a warrior so that she may some day possess the appropriate strength to defend Eternia herself. Duncan respected The Sorceress’ wishes and agreed to bring up Teela as his own daughter, promising never to reveal her mother’s true identity until the right time came.

    Once the Great Unrest had been won by Randor’s forces, Duncan devoted much of his time to bringing up Teela, alongside Randor’s son, Prince Adam. Duncan became so close to the Royal Family that himself and Teela became more like honorary members of the family, rather than mere servants. Duncan also built a close relationship with Prince Adam, who found Duncan much easier to confide in than his own father. The two came to respect one another so well that Duncan felt almost like a surrogate father to the young Prince.

    When Teela reached 18, Duncan proudly turned the position of Captain of the Guards over to her. He was pleased to have brought her up the way The Sorceress had wanted him to- as she was now the strong and intelligent warrior The Sorceress had desired for her to be. The Sorceress herself visited Duncan at the time to congratulate him on how well he had brought her up.
    And when Skeletor attacked Eternia, and the planet was consumed by war once again, Duncan knew he must devote his skills once again to the defense of Eternia. When Prince Adam was given the Sword of Power to become He-Man, Duncan was honored to be chosen as the first person besides The Sorceress to know of Adam’s secret identity. And he quickly became one of He-Man’s main sidekicks in the battles against the forces of evil. The many adventures the two of them shared together led Duncan to become an even closer friend to He-Man, and a valuable commander within the ranks of the Heroic Warriors, churning out countless amazing inventions for the heroic forces’ aid, saving the warriors in times of crisis.

    Although Duncan could often appear gruff, overtly serious and slightly bad-tempered, at heart he was always a noble and dignified warrior who happily dedicated his life to Eternia’s defenses. A wise and intelligent fighter, he came He-Man’s best friend and closest ally, as well as being highly respected by all members of the Heroic Warriors. He also became the closest confidant of The Sorceress, due to his upbringing of Teela. The two shared a special bond and developed strong feelings for one another. These remained unrealized until Duncan suffered a crippling injury in the later stages of the war which left him unable to walk long distances. The Sorceress nursed him back to health and healed his wounds, and after the eventual defeat of Skeletor, romance blossomed between the two, and they retired from the battle to a life of solitude in the countryside of Eternia, Duncan’s servitude to Eternia forever remaining legendary.


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      Name: Teela
      Height: 5ft 6in
      Race: Human
      Homeworld: Eternia

      Teela is the daughter of The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Born to her mother in a small peasant village during the Great Unrest, Teela was given up for adoption after only a few months once her mother took the mantle of Sorceress of Grayskull. The Sorceress entrusted Man-At-Arms to look after Teela as if she were his own daughter. She knew that someday Teela would succeed her as Sorceress of Grayskull, so Man-At-Arms must bring her up to be wise, noble, and a brave warrior. However, she could not be permitted to know the true identity of her mother, for the Elders believed this may boost her confidence too much as a child, if she were to know how powerful her mother was.

      Man-At-Arms trained Teela as a warrior from birth, and ever since her early childhood she proved to be smart, brave, and adventurous. At the age of only seven, Teela amazed the palace courts with her supreme agility and martial skill, surpassing those of many of her young male peers. When she was not training, Teela spent much of her time studying the ancient history of Eternia, and by the age of twelve she possessed a high knowledge of history and could speak several ancient languages fluently.

      Teela was brought up alongside Prince Adam, the son of the King Randor and Queen Marlena. Although the two became very close and got on like brother and sister, Adam’s more rebellious nature and reputation as a practical joker led to numerous scoldings from his father over his apparent laziness, and as a result Teela received more praise from King Randor than Adam ever did. Although they were still very close, Teela occasionally grew tired of Adam as they grew into their teens. She failed to see his brave and adventurous side, and often accused him of being lazy. Although they both possessed secret romantic desires for the other by this time, they began to develop a kind of love-hate relationship.

      By the age of 18, Teela’s skill and bravery were so supreme that Man-At-Arms gladly turned the position of Captain of the Royal Guard over to her. Teela made Eternian history by becoming the first ever female to undertake the role of Captain of the Guard, and she became an inspiration to other young females in the kingdom. King Randor and Queen Marlena were very impressed by her achievement, and she quickly became recognised throughout Eternia as one of the planet’s greatest warriors- at only 18 years of age!

      But while she spent many hours training the guards and acting as bodyguard for the King and Queen, Teela had no greater desire than to find out the identity of her mother. Unaware that Man-At-Arms was not her real father, she asked him many times about her mother, but Man-At-Arms explained to her he was unable to speak of her mother for reasons she would someday understand. Unaware of whether or not her mother was still alive, and confused over why Man-At-Arms would not reveal her identity, Teela became determined to someday find out for herself who her mother really was.

      Shortly after Teela took over as Captain of the Guard, Skeletor made his return to Eternia, and the great struggle between good and evil began. Teela quickly proved herself as one of Eternia’s greatest fighters as she aided He-Man in his many battles against Skeletor. She also developed a strong romantic attraction to He-Man and longed to someday win his heart. Unaware that He-Man and Prince Adam were one and the same, she became more frustrated with Adam as he appeared to grow increasingly lazy, and this led to many tensions in her relationship with the Prince. Despite her constant criticisms of the Prince, she always loved him deep inside, but felt that He-Man was the man she really wanted.

      Teela’s nature was fearless and ambitious; she was a powerful and headstrong woman who was determined to achieve everything she put her mind to. Her physical strength and aggressive, outspoken nature often shocked her opponents, who frequently underestimated her strength. In a culture in which males had always traditionally been seen as the strongest fighters, Teela proved to be perhaps the strongest female fighter Eternia had ever known. Teela’s main weakness proved to be her hot temper and her susceptibility to angry outbursts, but she would always calm down quickly and be the first to apologize.

      In the later stages of the war, when Eternia was in the grip of evil, Teela was stunned to discover the true identity of her mother, and her destiny to succeed her as Sorceress of Grayskull. Although she had never suspected this, she had always felt a strong bond with The Sorceress, and the discovery of her heritage strengthened the bond between them. However, she was unprepared for the most terrifying discovery of her life –that she was also the daughter of none other than Skeletor. As if this was not enough in itself, she also realized that she was the latest in the bloodline stemmed from the ancient cult of darkness known as The Nocturnals. With the blood of darkness in her veins, she was destined to become the next Lady of Destruction. Teela began to develop a bizarre split personality complex that she could not control, as her mind became overwhelmed by desires and images of pure evil.

      As she fought to control this curse, a terrible thing happened and Teela split into two separate beings- one good, the second a gruesome and evil version of herself. The evil Teela non-hesitantly joined forces with her father, Skeletor, in bringing about the fall of Eternia and the end of He-Man.

      In the almighty struggles that brought about the end of the war and the final victory of He-Man over the forces of darkness, Teela succeeded in overcoming her evil side once and for all. However, her personality had been largely altered by her experiences in the war, and she became of a calm, solemn nature, wise and enlightened by all she had been through. As peace reigned over Eternia, Teela finally married He-Man, now aware of his true identity, and took over the role of Sorceress of Grayskull. As Eternia’s rulership switched to Grayskull she also became Queen of Eternia, and she was to maintain this role for the rest of her life as she lived into old age. Teela will be remembered throughout the rest of time as one of Eternia’s greatest warriors, and wisest rulers.


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        The Sorceress of Grayskull

        Name: Teelina
        Height: 5ft 9 inches
        Race: Human (except when in the form of Zoar, the falcon)
        Homeworld: Eternia

        The Sorceress was born as Teelina, in a small peasant village on Eternia’s Western Continent, belonging to a kingdom not far from Eternos. She was brought up in a poor farming family, and from her youth she was kind, humane and loving. She devoted much time to helping others, and came to be well-respected in her village. She recognized the poverty that herself and her family lived in, and how prosperous and rich many other areas of Eternia were. This led her to develop the ambition to help others, and ensure that they could live comfortably and free from poverty. She touched many hearts when she gave shares of the small amount of money her family possessed to other poor people. She hoped that someday, she would come out of poverty herself- but even if she did, she knew she would always devote her life to helping others.

        Shortly after the deaths of her parents from starvation, Teelina met a man named Zendar. Zendar was a great warrior, who struck Teelina as being noble, strong and caring. He helped her to get over her parents’ deaths, and she fell in love with the young man and married him. Little did she know that Zendar’s nobility was all an act, to fool her… and she could not have been prepared for the evil demon he became.

        When the Great Unrest struck Eternia, as Xazrog’s forces invaded the planet, Zendar had to leave Teelina to fight in the war. Shortly after his departure, she gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Teela. Life grew incredibly difficult for her as she was faced with the task of bringing up her daughter alone in the midst of this war. Xazrog’s forces managed to conquer the kingdom in which she lived, and they stole money from her village constantly. Before long, she was left with no money, and little food. She feared that the end was near for her daughter and herself.
        It was this desperation that led Teelina to venture out in search of the mystical fortress of Castle Grayskull. It was here that she met with Kodak Ungor, the castle’s then Sorceress, who convinced her to give up her mortality to become Grayskull’s new guardian. She was endowed with the miraculous abilities of Sorceress, and many magical powers such as telepathy, teleportation, eternal youth, and the ability to transform at will into Zoar, the falcon of force. She would use this secret form to patrol Eternia and deliver messages to those who served good.

        Aware that her duties would render her unable to give her daughter a sufficient upbringing, she entrusted her close friend Duncan, better known as Man-At-Arms, to look after Teela and bring her up to become a great warrior, suitable for inheriting the mantle of Sorceress of Grayskull. Shortly afterwards, she heard the news that her husband had been killed in the war. She was devastated that her husband should die unaware that he had a daughter… but was totally unaware that he was not dead at all, and had in fact become the villainous Skeletor.

        The Sorceress used her incredible powers to defeat the evil forces that threatened Eternia during the Unrest. As peace reigned across Eternia once more, The Sorceress spent the next eighteen years living alone in the castle, acting as its mysterious guardian. She had little to do in Eternia now that no evil threatened the planet, and she grew incredibly lonely, with memories of her husband, and the desire to bring her daughter up herself. She would emerge from the castle only on numerous occasions.

        After Skeletor returned to Eternia with his new evil forces, The Sorceress knew she must once again commit herself to defending Eternia from evil. And when she realised just how serious a threat Skeletor was, she knew the time had come for He-Man- and she gave the Sword of Power to Prince Adam, who became He-Man for the first time.

        The Sorceress became the most valuable aid to He-Man and the Heroic Warriors in their struggles against evil. As one of the few people to know of Prince Adam’s double identity, she became one of the closest confidants of the Prince as he frequently turned to her for help and advice, and emotional support as the struggles against evil took their toll on him. In her secret falcon form of Zoar, she also proved a great aid to the Heroic Warriors as she scouted for evil over Eternia and aided with secret attacks in response to the Evil Warriors’ schemes.

        Following the eventual victory of the forces of good, The Sorceress retired from Grayskull, passing the mantle of Sorceress down to Teela and going off to live in peace with her lover, Man-At-Arms. Promoted to a deity, as is the fate of all Grayskull’s greatest guardians, Teelina is to remain forever more as one of the great Goddesses of the universe, a watcher over peace.


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          King Randor

          Name: Randor of the House of Miro
          Height: 6ft 1 inches
          Race: Human
          Homeworld: Eternia

          The younger of the two sons of King Miro, Randor grew up to be a well-respected, trustworthy prince. Always desperate to please his father and prove his worth as successor to Miro, Randor trained his battle skills from an early age and performed many good deeds for the kingdom of Eternos. Randor possessed a secret love of adventure and loved nothing more than a good friendly duel with his peers.

          Ever since his childhood, Randor had a strong sibling rivalry with his older brother, Keldor. Unlike Randor, the silent and sullen Keldor showed little interest in the affairs of the Eternians through his youth, and by the time Keldor reached his teens and took up his pursuit of the dark arts and taboo forms of magic, the tension between the two brothers heightened to the extent it became almost bitter. The two rarely spent any time together throughout their teens.

          By the time Randor reached adulthood, he had won enormous respect from the people of Eternia, for his good deeds towards the poor and his skill as a brave, dignified warrior.

          However, a family tragedy was to strike Randor with the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of his father King Miro, whilst on a Royal excursion to the country of Mallory. Miro had been due to give a public speech in the nation’s capital, but after he failed to arrive on time, the King’s bodyguards had been shocked to find that the King was nowhere to be seen. Despite an extensive search of the surrounding mountains, no trace of King Miro could be found, and the search was eventually abandoned.

          It was this bizarre disappearance that led Eternia to be plunged into the period that became known as The Great Unrest. A bitter rivalry now formed between Randor and Keldor as they conflicted over which of them was to take Miro’s place as ruler. Traditionally, the crown of Eternia had always been handed down to the eldest child of the monarch, so tradition suggested that Keldor should become the planet’s new King. But this led to an outcry from the people of Eternos, who were suspicious and fearful of Keldor’s controversial nature and the dark forms of magic which he practiced. They called for Randor to become King, which incited Keldor’s anger, and he declared war upon Randor, leading to numerous attempts to take the city of Eternos by force with the aid of a gang of criminals he had ordered to be released, and a demon army summoned from another dimension.

          The Great Unrest became more and more intense by the day as countless warlords from other worlds took advantage of the situation on Eternia and made their own attempts to seize the planet’s throne by force. Randor was quickly instated as King, and led his soldiers into battle daily against the evil forces that threatened Eternia.

          Keldor himself was to abruptly vanish from the war shortly after joining forces with the Horde leader Xazrog (who was later to become Hordak). The only explanation given for his disappearance was that his pursuits of dark magic had rendered him lost in ‘dimensions beyond time’. Out of brotherly love, Randor swore that he would someday find and redeem his misguided brother, but his prime duty at the time was to free Eternia from the evil forces whose strength intensified by the day. Randor’s forces received a tremendous aid to their cause when they were joined by The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, who had resurrected the power of the ancient fortress of good in order to rid Eternia of evil.

          With the benefit of a temporary breathing space from the chaos of war, Randor took the opportunity to marry his prime scientist, Marlena. Marlena had initially been hired by Randor to aid himself and Man-At-Arms with her scientific knowledge as well as her skills as a warrior and fighter pilot. But Randor and Marlena worked so closely together that their alliance soon developed into true love, and so they were married and Marlena was crowned Queen. Months later, she gave birth to twins, Adam and Adora.

          The magic of The Sorceress and the power of Randor’s forces eventually led them to victory, with the eventual defeat of the Unrest’s main aggressor, Xazrog. But a further tragedy was to strike for Randor. Xazrog, together with his right-hand man, the mysterious and terrifying Skeletor, succeeded in escaping from the Royal dungeons and abducted the baby Princess Adora in revenge. Xazrog fled from Eternia with Adora, and was never traced. Despite his victory in the war, King Randor was overcome with a sense of loss, having lost three of his family members –Miro, Keldor and now Adora– to mysterious circumstances during the Unrest.

          The trauma of the Great Unrest was to permanently change Randor’s personality. The once easygoing, carefree Randor now became a stern, serious and intense man, permanently grappling with grief and unsettlement over the loss of his relations, which was not aided by continuous searches for the missing Royals proving futile in the ensuing years. Although he remained an honorable and noble ruler, this change in Randor’s personality was to have a seriously detrimental effect on his relationship with his son. As Prince Adam grew up, he proved to be a happy-go-lucky, mischievous and rebellious young man, and the slipshod nature of the Prince was to evoke great concerns in Randor, who feared his son would be unsuitable for the inheritance of Eternia’s crown. Adam appeared to resent his father’s disappointment at him, and this led to severe tensions between father and son.

          When the forces of evil returned to Eternia with the invasion of Skeletor and his evil accomplices, Randor willingly entered the war in the name of good, hoping the war would eventually unleash answers as to the whereabouts of his three missing relatives. His frustration at Prince Adam was to intensify severely throughout the war as Adam appeared laid-back and unconcerned about the planet’s welfare. This tension was only mounted by the fact that Adam was merely trying to protect anyone from discovering his secret identity –He-Man, Eternia’s greatest defender.

          Following the phenomenal events and outcome of the war between good and evil, Randor was eventually to find not only answers, but reunion with the missing Miro, Keldor and Adora, the latter who was also to become one of Eternia’s finest defenders in the form of She-Ra, Princess of Power. Following these reunions and the discovery of his children’s secret heroic identities, Randor was to suffer a fatal battle wound in the final battle against evil on Eternia. But he was to die in peace following the resolution of his traumas, and the victory of good over evil in the final battle of Eternia.


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