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    Hey guys and gals,

    I wanted to start a thread here on matty for my custom accessories that I built. You might know my Grayskull Standard, which was the Grayskull Con Exclusive in 2013, or the Horde Trooper Sword, which was first offered at Grayskull Con 2014. But aside from those items, I´ve created a lot more. And I wanted to make a showcase for all those items. If you are interested in any of these, you can very well shoot me a PM for further details. But for now, here is the showcase:

    Horde Trooper Sword:

    This sword is based on the swords used by the Horde Troopers in the Laughing Swan Inn. If you´re unfamiliar with what I am talking about, please check your copy of the Secret of the Sword movie, or the first episode of the She-Ra cartoon :-)

    Point Dread Halbeard and Shield:

    These items can be seen in the comic "The Power of Point Dread", which accompanied the Vintage MOTU Point Dread & Talon Fighter Playset.
    BTW: The figure pictured is my version of "young Dekker", using the young Dekker head, Palace Guard buck and armor, Dekker arms and Dekker boots. Maybe one day I´ll replace the shoulders with Sea Hawk´s, to improve the appearance of the t-shirt arms.

    Firefighter Hydroblaster:

    Right out of the pages of MVCreations´ comic book "The Shard of Darkness", this watercannon is essential in fighting fires all over Eternia. No Firefighter should go without one.
    BTW: The figure is Snout Spout with alternate Bow head. Works really fine as a generic firefighter, I think.

    Magical Lightning Bolt:

    After carefully inspecting the Wind Raider boxart, Evil-Lyn can be seen piloting a Roton and doing something that seems to be casting a lightning bolt spell to throw at her enemies. Fun little item and it looks really great with a lot of the female witches, magicians and sorceresses.

    Andreenid Spear:

    Inspired by the spears seen in MYP cartoon episode "Sky War".

    Smith & Wesson 916A Shotgun:

    This started out as a joke, but quickly became one of the items I´m most proud of, as I managed to capture the look of the original shotgun into MOTUC size almost perfectly. If you have no clue why this should be a MOTU item, please check your copy of the 1987 MOTU life-action movie starring Dolph Lundgren. Detective Lubic, played by James Tolkan, got this shotgun from musician and shop-owner Charley after Skeletors troops devastated the shop and captures the Cosmic Key.

    Council Guard Halbeard and Shield:

    As seen in the first MYP cartoon episode "The Beginning, pt.1" and various other episodes to follow. As you can see, the shield also has a detailed backside with a sculpted button, which in the cartoon was used to trigger the mechanism to open the giant door leading to the Council of Elders.

    Brightmoon Guard Orb-Staff:

    Inspired by the staffs displayed by Brightmoon Guards in the POP cartoon series, I made this staff in 2 sizes to fit both male and female hands.

    Next up: The Savage Collection!
    Savage Mace:

    As you can see in the background of the pic, this mace is inspired by the triangular weapons rack cardboard display from the vintage Castle Grayskull playset. The chainlinks are free-moving, of course.

    Savage Shield:

    There´s an updated version of this Shield already that sports some cracks and dents, indicating that this shield has seen lots of battles.

    Savage Axe:

    Rather basic axe, still a nice addition and most certainly able to shop off several heads of evil-doers.

    Savage Blaster Pistol:

    You can see the reference in the background, bottom left of the cardboard Weapons Rack.

    Savage Long Barrel Blaster Pistol:

    Again, reference in the background of the image. Pretty awesome design, if you ask me!

    Tech-Zeyra Mk.1 Guard Rifle:

    Taken from the pages of the vintage minicomic "The Magic Stealer", this is one of the weapons used by the Palace Guards. It is named after its designer: Mark Texeira.

    Warrior Goddess Shield:

    Inspired by Teela´s shield as drawn by Alfredo Alcala in the very first vintage minicomic "He-Man and the Powersword". Goes pretty well with Battleground Teela. In fact, better than with regular Teela, as she already has a shield and Battleground Teela hasn´t.


    I just had to make an accessory from my favorite MYP cartoon episode "Siren´s Song". And since I couldn´t build Evil-Lyn as the Siren, I went with the next best thing from that episode. The Immobilizer features a real working mechanism that extends the "freeze-ray" emitter from the box by a lever at the bottom.

    That´s it for today. Next posting will be accessories and other cool stuff.
    Hope you like those things!
    Let me know in the comments to this thread.
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