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  • Filmation Man-At-Arms

    Made using a Palace Guard buck and parts from an unmodified Man-At-Arms. I washed the PG right arm guards in a darker orange to match MAA's pieces, and painted the PG loin cloth & feet brown. I washed the boot tops in dark orange and a darker wash for a used boot feel, and the center oval on the belt red to match the original MAA. And I also painted the mustache on Duncan's head dark brown.

    MAA's parts are unchanged (other than his mustache) so I can change him back to his original buck and still have a 95% original loose MAA to display if I choose.

    I actually prefer this look than to have the leg armor on the fur boots. And I do tend to favor the Filmation style.

    I shaved the fur off under his arms to allow the arms to rest closer to his body.

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    Very cool custom. Trimming the fur off the bottom of the armour was a very smart idea. I like him looking more trim and slim that way. Less bulky is good!
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