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Captain Moe Larrstein (aka Mo-Larr) Heroic Combat Medic!

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  • Captain Moe Larrstein (aka Mo-Larr) Heroic Combat Medic!

    Real Name: Captain Moe (Doc) Larrstein

    During the Great Unrest, Moe Larrstein joined the Royal Guard to serve as a Combat Medic. Captain Larrstein carried a number of medical instruments on him in the field, including dentistry equipment, to alleviate the suffering of wounded and sick military personnel. He also carried a blue battle axe to assist in emergency rescue operations. At the end of the war, Captain Larrstein retired from the service, and became an Eternian Dentist!

    Captain Mo-Larr and Man-at-Arms

    Captain Mo-Larr VS Horde Armor Keldor!
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    Is the armor the only paint?
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    • Captain Atkin
      Captain Atkin commented
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      I painted the armour, arm cuffs, and belt the same shade of blue. I went with blue to give him more of a military medic look.

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    I like the look of this. Great job, Cpt. Atkin
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      That looks really cool! I may have to copy you on this one. The blue painted Man-at-Arms armor looks really good on him, and makes him stand out rather nicely.
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        Ha! I missed this one. Thats really cool!
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