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Fearless Photog (MOTUC style)

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  • Fearless Photog (MOTUC style)

    Before the release of the official Fearless Photog action figure, I had worked in my spare time on a custom action figure that was based on Nathan Bitner's original design. My goal was to make the figure as similar as possible to the original drawing, while taking some creative licenses with the design (such as giving him boots). Originally, I was going to use armour from a Palace Guard, but I decided to use He-Ro armor instead to give him a more muscular look. I made the figure from parts taken from Mattel toys, including the head. My goal was to show that I could make the figure using parts that Mattel already has. I made the head from various parts. The "neck" is Robot's head. The bulk of the head is from made parts of a weapon from a "Batman/The Dark Knight" action figure, and a lens from a camera for the eye, which I put a watch battery behind to give it a metalic look. The clear plastic on the chest plate is from an old camera. I printed the running man logo on foil, then placed it behind the clear plastic. It looks somewhat similar to Sy-Klone's sticker.

    Armour = He-Ro
    Body = Webstor
    Boots = Bow
    Shield = Sy-Klone.

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    This is a very cool custom. I remember seeing this one on the Fearless Photog website a few years back. I really like the use of He-Ro's armour here. The version Mattel made always looked a bit skinny to me. I also really like the blue boots, which compliment the figure nicely.
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      love the addition of boots.


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        I might have to upgrade my figure's boots after seeing this. Great custom
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