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200X King Hsss (with green mask)

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  • 200X King Hsss (with green mask)

    A few years ago, I made a King Hiss costum using the head of a Red Arrow figure from "Justic League of America." I was able to get my hands on a second helmet, and painted one green while leaving the other bronze. I like both versions of the helmet, so I'm posting both. My inspiration for this version of King Hiss came from Emiliano's artwork of King Hiss from the late 1990s. I wanted something that looked like a cross between the original figure and his artwork. For me, King Hiss just isn't King Hiss without his evil mask. Hope you guys like him!

    Green helmet with green mask

    With bronze helmet:

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    Both the bronze helmet and green helmet look good on him with that mask. The face you gave him looks way better than the original version that came with the figure. King Hiss looks best with a mask. I also dig the green snakes under the skin.
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      Nice work there Captain. I really dig how how you did the mask and I like how you painted his hands and feet - very cool!


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