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200X Man-at-Arms & Fisto: Remastered

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  • 200X Man-at-Arms & Fisto: Remastered

    These two customs are my "remastered" versions of Fisto and Man-at-Arms. With Fisto, I simply repaited his boots, fur skirt, and chest armour with a darker (imperial) purple. I removed his original fist and gave him a fist from the "battle gloves" He-Man figure, which I repainted silver with chain metal highlights. I gave him a sword with a similar shape to the classic figure's sword, and painted the handle a metalic purple.

    With Man-at-Arms, I used "Snake Armor" Man-at-Arms as a base, and repainted his body with red, silver, and metallic highlights. I painted his armour gold with a black and silver wash, and give him red "jewel" highlights to look like the Man-at-Arms statue that was sold for charity a few years ago. His helmet and belt have been painted silver, with gold trim and highlights. I replaced his shoulder pad with a smaller version, which I took from the McDonalds Happy meal toy.

    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man

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