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    I use to dabble in mego customs but havent since 2006, untill my oldest girl got into every filmation show and little sis followed. Long story short im doing a series of customs for them. I'm doing a power tour version, a tribute to filmation version and a battle armor one. I'm also going to do a William Stout version for myself. Here is version one of power tour i am working on. I've since scaled down the harness more and thinned the belt out more, its a pain working in 1/9th scale, lol.

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    Love the armour! Looks just like the Power Tour version

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      AWESOME! I love your Power Tour Mego He-Man. Can't wait to see this one finished.
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        I was scared to see a mego He-Man, but I must say that the body looks good ! Of course, the head is the part that will allow me to have a final impression...


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