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  • The Walking Dead TV series rewritten

    Hello friends, for those of you who have wondered what I've been up to. I wish I could say making customs but unfortunately home repairs, life, and money keeps getting in the way.

    If you know me well enough, you know that my creativity will never die no matter what obstacles get in my way. I have to commute a long ways to work so I've been finding myself trying to write to enhance my skills.

    Maybe one day I will finish my Spaceballs 2 screenplay but until then, I have been working on rewriting the Walking Dead TV show. Instead of bitching about the cliffhanger and panhandling, I decided to just take all the things I like from the comic, show, game, novel, and make my own version.

    This is a warning, they are somewhat long reads but I'm pretty content so far. Hopefully some of you will enjoy them too.

    **NOTE** Scroll refers to the names scrolling acrossed the screen during the cold opening.

    Season 1
    Episode 1: Days Gone Bye
    Exactly the same. Except Morgan's wife walks away and doesn't try the doorknob (That was easy! Lol)

    Episode 2: Learning About Survival
    Before the scroll, Morgan is sneaking up towards a gas station armed with a knife and shotgun. He stabs a zombie in the head and cautiously walks into the store. We see someone hidden while watching him. (Scroll)

    Episode begins with Glenn on the walkie telling Rick that he can see him from on the roof top and that he is surrounded. Rick's only chance is for him to escape through the floor hatch while Glenn causes a distraction. Glenn does and Rick is able to escape the tank then climbs up a fire escape to meet Glenn on the roof top.

    Back to Morgan inside the gas station. He has already taken care of a few zombies and is searching the store until he sees the lottery tickets, in which he just laughs to himself. With his back turned he is reaching for something, suddenly the someone from outside smashes something over Morgan's back knocking him out. The stranger says, "Sorry old man, no hard feelings. I just needed the gun for a chance at a better survival."

    Rick and Glenn scurry from rooftop to rooftop until they can almost see the edge of the forrest. Glen is about to get Rick to a safe looking ground passage with only a few zombies. He is explaining how they're slow and dumb but can turn you with only one bite or scratch. Suddenly Rick notices a man and woman inside a department store pleading for help.

    Rick and Glenn kill the few zombies on the street with Rick's ax and whatever weapons they can find around them. They let the man and woman out of the store. It is Jacqui (a pharmacist) and her thuglike nephew only known as T-dog. T-dog explains that he lost his parents at a young age and got into a bit of trouble until his grandma died, and his aunt took him in to rescue him.

    Back to Morgan, he wakes up and looks around to try to find his attacker. He doesn't notice anyone or anything so he reaches up and grabs as many batteries as he can fit in his pocket. Later he's back at the house in Rick's neighborhood giving the batteries to Duane, telling him to be a good boy and go play his games.

    T-dog and aunt Jacqui, with Rick all head back into the woods led by Glenn, who is taking them to his camp. He radios ahead to Dale to let them him know he has some survivors from the city. Dale welcomes them and goes to prepare for an arrival. As Rick nears behind Glenn he drops to his knees and cries, immediately recognizing his wife and child as they're running up to him.
    (End episode)

    Episode 3: Guts
    Before the scroll, Lori and Carl are hugging Rick while she leans in to tell him that Shane saved them from Atlanta and that they all thought he was dead. She apologizes for leaving him at the hospital because she knew he of all people could survive. Rick downplays her and says he's here now and that's all that matters.

    Shane walks up to greet Rick apologizing immediately. Rick tells him he'll forgive him if he introduces everyone. The man who saved Rick introduces himself as Glenn Rhee. Rick then introduces Shane, Lori , and Carl to Jacqui and T-dog.

    In the camp, there is Carol Peletier with her husband Ed and her daughter Sofia, whom is Carl's age. Then there's an older man named Jim, Morales, his wife Miranda, plus their young children Joseph and Eliza.

    Next comes Dale, an RV owner and the voice on the other side of the radio. He is accompanied by his wife Erma, and two much younger sisters which Dale explains he picked up from the city. Their names are Andrea and Amy, with Amy being a few years younger than Andrea.

    Rick, Jacqui, and T-dog introduce themselves to the group and Jacqui can't thank Rick or Glenn enough. Shane quickly pipes in that Rick is like a golden avenger always able to help those in need.

    The group are laughing it up enjoying each other's company and telling their journeys, when out from the forrest comes a lone walker. It's about to take a bite out of Carol from behind when suddenly a man named Merle walks up and shanks it through the head. The group look up at the man astonished to see he arrived just in the knick of time. He says, "Lookie what ol' Merle found himself here."

    He then refers to Glenn as his favorite, racial slang term (G word) and is disgusted of him bringing in Jacqui and T-dog, as a bunch of another racial term (N word) to feed.

    Rick gets up and gives Merle the deepest stare. Shane jumps up to intervene explaining that they need Merle and his skills. He explains that Merle and his brother have been able to hunt for them and help out with protection, which they are limited due to ammo and weapon shortage. Rick backs down and says he knows where some guns are because he dropped them back in the city.

    Merle says he can go get them with his brother as soon as he returns. He tells them, "If he returns, my baby bro is probably scared huddled up in ball somewhere because he's too soft for the world now."

    Rick fights back that he can take a team and do it alone. Rick enlists Glenn, Morales, T-dog, and Shane for the mission. Shane says he's needed back at camp for firewood and wants to lock down the perimeters better. Merle enlists himself, as does Jim. Rick gives Shane a look and Shane gives him a knod. "Jim knows how to get you in, Glenn can get you the rest of the way, and Merle can help you take out the walkers," he says.

    The group are exhausted so they settle for the next day, Jim tells them their alleys and escape routes. They arm themselves to the hilt with as many knives, cleavers, axes, machetes, and hatchets as possible, Rick also takes his revolver.

    They head out from the forrest to the department store where T-dog was rescued. They climb up the buildings to the rooftop and take the higher path back towards the dropped bag.

    They are able to slip down into one of the alleys pointed out by Jim. The alley takes them to the ground to a building that is a block away from the tank. The streets are still overrun but not on all paths. On the rooftop of that building, Rick notices there are a few stray walkers on one side but not on a route which will get them closer to the bag.

    He tells them he thinks that the walkers won't smell them if they smother themselves with their guts. Merle argues that the dead smell could just get them killed and laughs at the sheriff's idea.

    Rick has had about enough with Merle but decides he will test it out on his own, as Glenn also volunteers.

    Merle tells them that if they don't survive he's going to kill the minorities and tell the group that wussies just don't make it in the world now.

    Rick draws his gun on Merle and tells him that is enough. He hands a pair of cuffs to T-dog and Merle is restrained to a railing on the rooftop. T-dog is given the key and he Morales are left to watch over Merle.

    Glenn and Rick kill a single zombie and drag in back into the building. Rick takes his ax and starts hacking away. Within minutes, he and Glenn are covered in guts and Glenn even has an arm draped around his neck.

    Covered in guts, Rick and Glenn head out of the building near the few roamers to test the theory. The zombie looks right into Rick's face, takes a wiff, and slowly walks by him. His theory was right, so they slowly walk towards the dropped duffle bag of guns. Finally they are close enough that Rick can just reach down and casually grab it. Rick and Glenn suddenly both start feeling rain drops, causing slight panic to the duo.

    They both manage to get turned around heading back when the drips of rain turn into a descent shower, a shower washing off their guts. The zombies start noticing and go after the two, forcing them to run for the building.

    They manage to escape the streets but not before attracting the dead. Once one goes into a frenzy they all follow suit, so the building was becoming surrounded. Rick immediately locks the door and chains them together. T-dog in a scurry to unlock Merle's cuffs, drops the key down the heat duct.

    Merle vows to kill him and asks for a gun. Rick tries breaking the rail but it is no use. The group all try pulling but it is also no use. Rick sees a hacksaw and tries to cut it but decides it's not doing much good on the cold steel. He knows their time is running out and decides to lock the deadbolt to the staircase and come back for him with better equipment. Merle is left on the rooftop while the group climbs down into the alley. (End episode)

    Episode 4: Forgiveness
    Before the scroll, Merle is begging for God to forgive him and help him. Suddenly the chains on the front door give and the door to the stairway is starting to creak. Merle grabs the hacksaw and tries cutting the chain on the handcuffs. It is no use really so he looks at his wrist. He tells God that he'll never beg again and starts sawing his own hand off. (Scroll)

    Back at camp, the group explain how they had to leave Merle and that there's fear that walkers will start to migrate towards their camp. Shane argues with Rick that the camp is safe. Rick assigns Carl a weapon anyways.

    Lori and Shane both protest but Rick tells them that Carl is responsible enough and Shane and Rick will both give him lessons on how to shoot it.

    Rick takes Carl off into woods while Lori and Shane are left to just look on. Shane tells Lori that Rick is about to ruin everything. Lori argues that Rick will keep them safe and tries to run off. Shane grabs her by the arm and tells her that she still loves him and needs to pick between the two.

    As he tries to kiss her neck she pushes him away and tells him it's over and she's going to be with her husband. Shane just looks at the path towards Rick and doesn't want to believe what she just said.

    Passed the woods and in a clearing, Rick is explaining the safety to Carl and how to aim it. He is teaching him the mechanics and how to load it then he sets up a target for Carl to shoot. Carl takes aim and misses just a bit high. The noise startles a squirrel in a tree and they notice it.

    Rick encourages Carl to take aim at it. Carl is unsure, but Rick insists that it's different when you shoot the living but this is for food that God has presented them. Suddenly, Carl has his gun aimed at the squirrel while Rick is laughing while directing him to aim a little higher this time.

    As Rick is explaining waste not want not, there is a scream back at camp. Instead of taking the next shot for a meal, the two run back through their trail. "Erma has been bit," Dale cries. A lone walker had made it to the perimeters where Erma must've been rinsing out clothes or dishes.

    Carol discovered her and screamed causing the guys to come kill it. Dale was furious and demanded that they find some medicine or something to help her. Rick checked on the wound and pronounced it was probably too late for that. All they could do was watch over her for an hour until she turned. Dale grieved as she reanimates, saying he can't be the one to give her the mercy she deserves. Rick raises his gun as Dale turns away, Shane pushes Rick aside and stabs Erma through the brain.
    (End episode)

    Episode 5: Time For A Funeral
    Before the scroll, Jim, Dale, and Rick are digging a whole in preparation for burying Erma. Shane and Lori are looking on, discussing how she thinks she's pregnant and might need the medicines that Dale was referring to.

    There's a makeshift funeral for Erma as they start burying her. It's just a few words from everyone appreciating her and Dale with a few wild flowers dropped onto her grave.

    Afterwards, Dale is being comforted by Amy and Andrea letting him know that everything is going to be alright. Dale tries to ensure them that he can't let that happen to them and that he's going to constantly stay on watch from atop the RV.

    The group are now all on board for anyone being armed if they want to, as long as they are approved through Shane or Rick. Andrea volunteers, as does Lori, Morales, T-dog, and Jim, along with Carl of course.

    At the clearance, Rick is going over the basics and allowing them all to shoot at some bottles that are set up. He's explaining that they need to picture the white glistening eyes of a walker and aim for that.

    Andrea is proving to be exceptional and starts giving herself more and more distance. Finally Rick sees what appears to be a walker about five hundred yards out. He decides to let her give the rifle a shot. She takes aim and fires and the would be walker drops.

    The group runs out to see that it isn't a walker at all and it's in fact Daryl Dixon home from the hunt. Luckily, Andrea just grazed him and he's quickly on his feet. Daryl isn't mad at Andrea but is excited to see his brother.

    Rick has to explain that Merle was left in the city not just a day ago and that he was training people to go back to the city. Lori insists that the group shouldn't go but will need medicine and other supplies if they do.

    Daryl insists that no one even Merle should be left in those conditions. Andrea backs Daryl down by telling him that Merle is a tough SOB like no other. Daryl agrees but pleas for a rescue mission.

    Rick agrees, he doesn't even have to ask when Glenn, T-dog, Jim, Morales, and Andrea offer their services. The plan is to use a getaway van and use a sniper to keep the gunshots to a minimal. Daryl has a crossbow so it doesn't effect him and he doesn't care what the plan really is anyways.

    As they head out in the city, Jim is driving and the group are talking. Daryl declares that if his brother is dead that only Rick will have to be dealt with and that there won't be time for any funeral.They leave the van near a fence at the edge of town.

    They are taking a different route to get supplies before heading to Merle. Daryl isn't happy with it but decides to just get it done quickly.

    They take out about ten walkers before entering the pharmacy Jim knows about. Inside it's been ransacked but they get bandages, mouthwash for sterilization, and whatever bottles of pills that they can find, then start to leave the store. Jim leaves out the door first and is attacked by a roamer instantly. Daryl shoots it quickly with an arrow through the head and the team pulls the walker off of him. Jim tells everyone that he hadn't been bitten.

    They decide Andrea with Glenn get into sniper position in case it gets bad. The rest of the group work quickly to move through the streets and alleys towards the building where they left Merle. After a few zombie kills later, Andrea stops them a few blocks from their target because the one side still had about thirty walkers roaming around.

    She shoots the window out of a parked car below her and it sets off a series of car alarms. It's very effective in getting the zombie's attention, but it also has Glenn and Andrea now surrounded. The others enter the building noticing that the front door has had a breach. T-dog mentions a few dead walkers laying around so they run to the staircase leading up to where Merle should be.

    Rick tries the door and it opens even though it should be locked. He checks the deadbolt and isn't broken so he gives a look back to everyone. They dart up the stairs and all they find is Merle's severed hand.
    (End episode)
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    Episode 6: Wildfire
    Before the scroll, Andrea and Amy are fishing in a boat, they discuss their childhoods, mentioning that they are only eight years apart. They express hope that maybe Florida where their parents live, was not hit as hard by the epidemic.

    Andrea is taking out zombies one by one, sometimes even two at a time when the bullets pierce through. Meanwhile, Rick devises a plan to have Daryl hotwire a motorcycle for distraction. Daryl gets a wire from inside the building and hotwires a bike, then he roars the engine getting the walkers attention.

    He gathers most of them and leads the herd away from Glenn and Andrea like a zombie pied piper. Andrea shoots the car once more and shuts off the alarm. The group gets back to the van together as Daryl makes his pass back around. He ditches the motorcycle although reluctantly, and they all head back to camp.

    Ed is sitting around, while Lori and his wife Carol wash clothes in a stream. When he hears them talking and laughing, he goes down to the stream to tell his wife to focus on her own work. Lori tells him off and declares that the group needs all the help that they can get now. Ed quickly becomes threatening and then strikes his wife. Shane is watching Lori the whole time and seeing red, he comes running, pulls Ed off of Carol, throws him to the ground and proceeds to beat him. Shane threatens to beat him to death if he ever lays a hand on his wife, daughter, or anyone in the camp again.

    Shane beats him to within an inch of his life and doesn't stop hitting Ed until Lori pulls him off while Dale comes running up. Dale gives Lori a look and tells Shane that Ed may deserve it but Shane needs to keep his shit together. The crisis is averted when the others arrive and Shane walks off.

    Sometime later that evening, Carol and Lori have prepared dinner for Rick and the others' return. Ed is severely wounded and recouping in a tent by himself. Shane has came back to camp but is careless in putting back his alarm system.

    The meal is interrupted when a swarm of zombies arrive. First Ed is attacked and is yelling for help. Then Amy is bitten in the face while coming out of the RV, forcing Andrea to take aim and shoot her own sister in the head. Rick who was talking to Dale about not trusting Shane, comes running to see what the commotion is about.

    Andrea only gets to shed a single tear before instincts take over and she goes on a zombie killing spree to avenge her sibling. The rest of the group follow suit including Carl. The group are doing well for themselves, with the exception of Morales who is fending off his entire young family. Jim is nearby and is able to shoot and fend off a few attackers for Morales's family but not for Morales himself.

    The walkers overtake Morales and start devouring him right in front of his family. Jim looses it and reveals that his family was attacked and eaten by a horde of walkers in the city. He starts bashing in every single zombie with a shovel and doesn't stop until they are all dead. Morales suddenly turns and scratches Jim on his stomach just before Jim stabs him in the head.
    (End episode) (End season)
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      Season 2
      Episode 1: What Lies Ahead
      Before the scroll, Shane is in the hospital trying to save an unconscious Rick Grimes. He notices hospital personnel killing various patients, doctors taking medicine, and walkers everywhere on the premises. Shane tries to lift and carry Rick out of the hospital but after an explosion, the hospital machines shut off. Shane puts his ear to Rick's chest and he begins to think his partner has died. Distraught and panicked, Shane leaves Rick in the room and puts a hospital bed against the door to protect him from walkers. Shane walks out of the hospital shooting a few of the crooked staff members.

      It is early morning after the walker attack, Rick is trying to contact Morgan Jones on his walkie-talkie to let him know that Atlanta is not safe.

      Andrea is sitting vigil over her sister's body, as the others deal with the dead from the attack. Walkers are shanked in the head with a pickaxe to make sure the brain is destroyed and then thrown into a fire to burn. Glenn stops Daryl and T-dog from throwing Morales into the pyre and insists that their own dead must be buried, not burned with the walkers.

      Shane approaches Andrea to let her know that Amy's body must be dealt with but she pulls out a pistol and he backs away apologizing. The rest of the group argues over how to deal with Andrea, and she stands up, tells them everything has truly changed now, and that she'll be alright because that's what her sister would have wanted.

      Andrea walks away telling Lori that Rick can now bury Amy because she just said her good byes. Rick picks up the body while he and Dale walk to the gravesite. Dale tells Rick that they aren't safe here and that Rick isn't safe with Shane around. Rick tells Dale that he was a great partner and that Shane thinks the military may still be out there to rescue them. Dale doesn't believe that but Rick tells him to keep it to himself that he might have saw a helicopter back when he was swarmed in Atlanta.

      Jacqui is attending to Jim's scratches while tracking his vitals. His fever is high, he's wheezing and coughing like he has a cold, and he's having weak spells. Lori is sure that Jim will turn soon and thinks that Fort Benning may have a solution or the capabilities to slow it down possibly.

      Rick is given Jim's details and agrees with Lori that the group should all head to Fort Benning or at least find safer ground. He mentions less roamers in the city and the attack just last night. Shane doesn't agree but a majority of the group stand behind Rick.

      It's decided to pack up valuables in the RV and people in the cars armed with a shooter and a gun in each one. Rick, Lori, Carol, Sofia, and Carl head out in front with Lori driving her station wagon.

      Behind her is Shane, T-dog, Miranda , young Joseph, and Eliza Morales in the van. Dale's RV bringing up the rear with Andrea, Daryl, and Jacqui taking care of a deteriorating Jim.

      They travel for about a half of a day before Jim starts to split up blood and Jacqui yells for Dale to pull over. Jim is barely able to speak but demands that they leave him by a tree to turn and be with his family.

      Rick ensures Jim that they can get help just a little while longer. The group refuse to just leave him, until Jacqui says she'll stay behind to keep him well. T-dog refuses to let that happen, but his aunt tells him it'll be alright. She lets him know that God had his plans and she believes this is it for her. She ensures him that he is needed with the group and that she knows he has what it takes to keep making her proud. He gives her a hug with a tear in his eye and tells her he understands.

      The group leave the duo reluctantly and head on their way until night falls. As it's getting deep dark, the gang approach a gated community and decide it might just be safe for the night.

      Out front the sign says Wiltshire Estates: Gated Community. Rick cuts the chain on the front of the gate with bolt cutters and the group drives in and walks out into the streets hearing nothing but quietness. They investigate one apartment that is completely empty and decide to bunk there for the night.
      (End episode)

      Episode 2: Let It Go
      Before the scroll, it is almost sunrise when we meet a black man named Tyrese. He's inside the same gated community but is fighting off walkers near the far end apartments. A woman with him named Donna is bitten on her neck and her husband Allen comes running towards her. Tyrese kills the zombie with his hammer while his sister Sasha and a teenager named Billy (Allen's son) try to hold Allen back. Donna reanimates quickly and Tyrese presents her with mercy to the head. Allen falls to his knees on the ground, cries, and declares he'll never leave her.

      The group are awakened to yelling in the distance followed by the sound of frenzied walkers. Rick jumps out of bed, as does most of the men, and are charging right towards the disturbance.

      They stop just short when they are startled by four roamers trying to get inside a building where voices are residing. They appear to kill the roamers in firing squad style, four single shots almost sounding as one drop the starving flesh eaters.

      By this time everyone is at the commotion but the door is not opened yet. Rick yells to see if anyone inside is alive or needs help. The voice of Tyrese calls out that they are alive, but barely.

      Tyrese opens the door, walks out, and thanks Rick. Sasha follows, then Billy, but Allen insists on staying. Carl recognizes Tyrese as an ex football player who only played a few years due to injury.

      Tyrese explains to Rick how Donna just died in the aftermath of them trying to escape after so long. He explains how Allen was an apocalypse nut who had the rations to try to hold out. Their food was running scarce so they decided to venture to the coast but found out quickly that their little community was overwhelmed by the dead with some still locked in their apartments.

      Daryl tells Allen that they can take her with them but they have to go soon. Donna is a bigger women so the men tell Allen to come out and they can all go in to lift her. As Allen is walking out, one of the roamers bites him on the leg. Rick has struggles to chop it off just below the knee because Allen flinches and begs him to stop. Rick in a panic has to chop a few times just to get the leg severed.

      Lots of blood spills out from Allen's knee causing him to pass out. Glenn, Dale, and Lori try to bandage the stump and stop the bleeding but it just won't. Rick asks Tyrese what to do and he answers that Allen should be put down and not suffer.

      Rick hands Tyrese his ax but he can't bring himself to kill Allen. Just as Allen seems to be turning, Billy takes the ax from Tyrese and chops his own dad through the face. The group all walk away astounded as Daryl shoots and retrieves his bolt from the zombie that just bit Allen.

      The group walk through the streets noticing the walkers in the windows that they passed right by before. Tyrese writes something on the sign out front while Rick re-locks the gate with a padlock. They all return to the same vehicles, with Tyrese, Sasha, and Billy all in the RV. We see our gang riding off as we see that sign. Now it says Wiltshire Estates: with crossed out gated community and at the bottom it says; ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER! Leaves blow across the road near the sign.
      (End episode)
      “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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        Season 2
        Episode 3: Love Ain't On The Highway
        WARNING: material might be suited TV-14 for adult content involving child on child violence. PLEASE read at your own risk or with the proper permission.

        Before the scroll, Shane is joshing T-dog about having the hots for Sasha, and T-dog pokes back about who might be in Shane's love life. T-dog then tells him that, "Theodore Douglas don't pry man."

        Inside the RV, Daryl is caught looking at Andrea by Dale in the rearview mirror. The station wagon comes to a stop when they see a highway pileup ahead.

        We see, Daryl and Shane attempting to hot wire vehicles to move them while Carl steers and Rick, Dale, and Sasha push behind him. Carol admires to Lori how Tyrese is doing on his own with Glenn driving, compared to what the other three are doing, and how he's a big asset.

        The collective efforts of those survivors bonded them right there on the highway, but their achievements were cut short by an approaching zombie heard beyond the wreckage.

        Rick orders everyone down on the ground, to roll under the vehicles, and be quiet while they pass by. Dale pulls teenage Billy, with young Joseph and Eliza into the RV. Carol panics so Rick pulls her and Sophia under the RV with him, Lori, and Carl.

        Everyone is under or behind something, trying their best at being quiet. Lori is holding Carl's mouth shut, Daryl and Andrea quickly climb onto the RV, Dale is locking all of the kids in the bathroom, T-dog, Sasha, and Tyrese are hiding behind a service truck in the grass near the woods, and Shane has Miranda pinned down under the van.

        The heard is unwarily walking by the station wagon, then the van, and almost passed the RV. Andrea is looking through the hatch to Dale who is giving her the hush sign. There's a thump coming from the bathroom and everyone and everything around the RV hears it.

        Miranda scoots out from underneath the van trying to give herself up for dinner. Shane grabs her and runs towards the woods where Tyrese is motioning. Sofia let's out a scream and runs out through some walkers heading towards the forest. Carol is almost bitten as she comes out but Rick saves her by killing the zombie.

        Lori and Carl chase after Rick, chasing after Carol, who is chasing after Sofia. Carol runs into Tyrese who tells her he hasn't seen her daughter. They all search that area but are each forced to hide from the roamers that were attracted.

        All but a few mosey on by into the forest when Rick decides to kill the stragglers falling behind. After the coast is clear they all come out from hiding in the woods back to the highway.

        As they walk up, Dale looks upset. Billy is locked up in the van while Andrea and Daryl have their weapons drawn on him. He tells everyone that Billy killed Eliza and Joseph by smothering them because he didn't think they'd be quiet.

        Shane holds Miranda trying to calm her while the adults are arguing, undecided on what to do with Billy since he was a only teenager. Carl sneaks into the van where Billy is locked up, and executes him. Rick looks on in horror while the others all sit silent in a stare.
        (End episode)

        Episode 4: Pick Up The Pieces
        WARNING: material might be suited TV-14 for child-zombie violence. PLEASE read at your own risk or with the proper permission.

        Before the scroll, Carl is crying and is being coddled by his mother. Carol is asking for a team to get her daughter, who's lost somewhere in the woods with the monsters. She is distraught that Sofia could be anywhere, scared, hurt, or even worse. Suddenly, Billy turns inside the van and starts making snarls. Also, Shane hears growls coming from inside the RV and covers Miranda's ears. Rick says it's impossible.

        T-dog opens the van while Daryl darts Billy in the head then declares him dead. Andrea and Rick quickly run into the RV to verify what they thought and all that is heard is silence, afterwards Miranda starts crying in Shane's arms.

        The children are removed underneath blankets and Billy is as well. They take them to a beautiful spot to bury them when Rick says Billy was a murderer and doesn't deserve to be buried with the rest. Tyrese reminds Rick that he was just a confused kid and asks what does that mean for Carl?

        Meanwhile, Carol asks Daryl to help her search for her daughter. He obliges and tells her that he will hunt for Sofia through the night if need be.

        Dale tries to start the RV but it busted a fan belt so they are informed that they will be sticking around for a while. He then asks Glenn to help him find replacement parts for it and maybe find a way to siphon gas.

        T-dog and Sasha look for food, water, and clothing. Lori waits with Carl, as Rick, Andrea, Carol, and Tyrese, accompany Daryl to find Sofia. They travel all the way down to the riverbank. Sophia's trace ends at the water making her harder to track.

        Daryl insists that everyone go back to get some shut eye because of the darkness setting in soon. Carol won't go back with the others and follows Daryl, trudging through the water with the night creeping in.

        On the way back, Andrea asks Rick if he thinks Carl did the right thing and how would he deal with it. Rick says he thinks Carl will turn out right, then he tells them he's sorry for that but he's going to start making sure Carl gets uneducated in Shane's ways of thinking.

        Daryl doesn't see any marks along the bank so they travel towards the sun setting and stumble upon a small wooden shack next to the bank. They get out of the water and pursue the creepy little old cabin.

        Daryl tells Carol that he believes that Sofia would have found refuge, then he explains about his childhood, and expresses hope that they will successfully locate Sophia. Inside they encounter a person who had committed suicide by hanging himself from the inside rafters. Daryl insists that they leave the walker alone, but Carol firmly refuses. He asks her if she wants to continue living, to which she exclaims uncertainty. He tells her that she's a mother and her precious baby girl is worth living for. He tells her that Sofia didn't appear to be there and kills the struggling walker, then the two follow the water and the moonlight back to camp.
        (End episode)
        “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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          Season 2
          Episode 5: All We Have
          Before the scroll, the scene starts off just about nightfall, the group that were left back at the highway are being held at gunpoint by three young bandits. The tallest one has Carl hostage with a knife to his throat, the shortest one has Lori the same way. The burliest one has Dale's shotgun that they must've got for negotiating, keeping it aimed on Shane.

          Dale, Sasha, Glenn, Miranda, and T-dog are just frozen while the bandits demand everything. The tallest seems to be the leader because he tells Shane and Dale they are assholes who screwed up and this here's their road, now someone is gonna pay up.

          Rick, Andrea, and Tyrese, come upon the highway from the forest. Rick, notices the predicament right away, he hushes Andrea and Tyrese as he shows them their family being tormented. They sneak around the cars for the blind advantage.

          The guy appearing to be the leader tells Shane that the gun is a down payment on their toll but he wants the rest. Dale tells them that's all that they have. The man tells his buddy that this group doesn't understand what he meant. The little guy tells them that he's always wanted to try out a black chick.

          T-dog starts to lunge, but Lori tells him no, the man leaves Lori and walks towards T-dog with his blade pointed at him. He asks T-dog just what the hell does he think he's going to be able to do about it.

          The leader tells Shane that the boys have decided they are going to be taking all of the women as fair payment. Tyrese barges out and football tackles the little marauder, the burly marauder takes aim at Tyrese but is shot in the head by Andrea.

          Rick is tackling the leader to the ground trying to wrestle away his knife. Meanwhile, Tyrese is bludgeoning the other guy to death with his hammer until he is forced to stop from exhaustion.

          Rick manages to pry the knife away but the guy is able to punch him and kick Rick off of him. He gets up and runs to the forest, the sheriff chases after him. The leader runs into the woods ahead of Rick for a while until he stops and falls from mistaking Daryl and Carol for walkers.

          Back at camp, the little guy is reanimating and Tyrese bludgeons him to death a second time. In the woods, Rick immediately jumps on the man, punches him, then stabs him with his own knife. Daryl and Carol look afraid of Rick and ask him what just happened. He tells them that the highway isn't safe anymore and all they have left is each other.

          The three head to the camp and Tyrese is just staring off into the moon. Rick grabs him by the face to look directly at each other. He then thanks him, tells him they are family, and asks if he's alright.

          His reply is that things truly have changed and they need to stay away from main roads from now on. Everyone gets packed up, gets in their vehicles, and they all head off onto the next side road. Off of that is a dirt road and down from that is a pull off. They park hidden mostly by the trees and decide to set camp for the night.
          (End episode)

          Episode 6: Something Bad, Something Worse
          WARNING: material might be suited TV-14 for adult content involving child violence. PLEASE read at your own risk or with the proper permission.

          Before the scroll, Lori is talking with other mothers about a fight she had with her husband. Rick's partner, Shane Walsh pulls up in a police cruiser and tells Lori that Rick has been severely wounded in a shootout. Lori then tells their son Carl the news, causing him to break down in tears.

          The next morning, Carl wakes up and meets his dad as he comes out of his tent. Everyone is eating when Tyrese is amazed, then says the people have had a lot of food on hand. Rick says he has to thank Glenn about it. Tyrese thinks it's honorable that Glenn risks his life for others and supplies. Glenn tells him that scavenging is just something he's good at but not good enough because their rations are running low.

          Shane tells Rick that they need to get ready to go hunting. Carl is excited to join along but Shane tells him to stay behind so that he and Rick can talk.
          Lori cuts him off by telling Rick that there's a working shower in Dale's RV and he can use it before they go. Rick takes his shower and upon exiting, Shane tells him they need to worry more about the well-being of Carl and Lori instead of worrying about the whole group's survival.

          Rick tells him that is out of the question and that they are now all one big family. He sees Shane hesitate and he excuses himself to go find Carl to go hunting.

          Rick and Carl discover deer tracks and follow them. They actually find the deer and are too busy to notice Shane is sneaking up behind them with his sidearm out. Dale comes up on Shane as he starts to take aim. Dale cocks his weapon right next to Shane's head.

          Rick is initially in awe at the sight of Carl walking up and almost touching the doe with his hand. As Carl approaches only a couple of steps away from the deer, a gun is fired and the bullet passes through the deer and hits Carl's stomach.

          With Carl collapsing and blood starting to stain his shirt, Dale and Shane are rocked to their core. Rick frantically rushes to his severely injured son, trying to make him regain consciousness.

          The big burly man that shot Carl comes running towards Rick, apologizing profusely. He tells them that he honesty didn't see anyone and didn't see the boy at all until he heard Rick shout.

          Rick believes that Carl is dead then points his gun into the man's cheek and screams that he's going to kill him, when Dale steps right in front of Rick. Shane tells them that Carl is still alive and starts ripping clothing to use as bandages for the bleeding.

          The man tells them his name is Otis and that he can take them to the farm where he works and is residing. He informs them that they have someone there with medical experience. Otis tells Dale the location and he runs back to the others to inform them that Carl had been shot. Rick carries Carl all the way with Shane running right beside them.
          (End episode)
          “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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            Season 2
            Episode 7: Almost There
            Before the scroll, T-dog offers Tyrese some food but Tyrese insists that everyone else fill up first. He comments on having fat to trim and being able to sustain, then T-dog shows him his own gut.

            Tyrese takes the food over his dismay and tells T-dog thanks for trying to stand up for his sister last night. He tells Tyrese that he doesn't know what he would have done exactly but he doesn't judge him for killing the man.

            Tyrese tells him thanks, he is just afraid that he doesn't feel any guilt for it. He then tells T-dog that he doesn't need it but he gives him his blessings with his sister anyways.

            Music plays while an inaudible comes out of Dale's mouth sending Lori straight to her knees. Glenn Rhee tries to pick her up and steers her towards the vehicles. Everyone runs to pack up as well.

            The same music is playing as Rick runs up a hill and finally ends up exhausted, to which Shane carries Carl's lifeless body the rest of the way, with Rick dragging not far behind. A woman comes to the porch and asks Shane where does he think he's going.

            He tells her that a man named Otis accidentally shot the boy and told him there was someone at the house that could give medical treatment. The woman calls into the house yelling, "Hershel, we have an emergency."

            Shane takes Carl into the house to a spare bedroom. Rick and Otis are soon behind when Otis tells them that the woman is his wife, her name is Patricia and she used to be a home nurse. He explains that the house belongs to their neighbour named Hershel, who is a veterinarian.

            An older man walks into the room with Carl, it must be Hershel. He asks everyone to leave the room and tells Patricia that the boy is going to need the bullet removed then some stitches and for her to go get his kit.

            The door is shut and soon Patricia is back with the equipment plus supplies. She knocks on the door and Hershel let's her in.

            A short while later, Hershel's eldest daughter, a women named Maggie let's them know that visitors are pulling up. Rick tells her that they're with them from just off the highway.

            Lori runs into Rick's arms letting him comfort her as Dale notices Shane watching them with a disgusted look on his face. Rick kisses her and Shane heads outside, Dale follows.

            Hershel walks out of the room and asks who Carl's parents are. Rick and Lori speak up and he tells them that the boy has lost a lot of blood and is still unconscious. He tells them that he has to have blood donated, then he will need major surgery because the bullet was broken in pieces. Hershel tells them that he can only do so much and he'll tackle one thing at a time as Rick pulls up his sleeve for Patricia

            Outside, Dale asks Shane where he is going and Shane tells him anywhere but here right now. He tells him that he knows what he's thinking and that he was really aiming at the deer in the woods. He claims he didn't want to steal Rick's moment but wasn't going to depend on if Carl didn't miss. He can't believe that hunting for a meal turned out like this. He declares that the only person he would like to hurt is himself. Miranda is eavesdropping, hears Shane's threat, and seems depressed about it. Shane storms off as Andrea walks up and asks Dale what it's about. He tells her that they need to keep a weary eye on him for now.

            (End episode) (End midseason finale)
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            “You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” ~Daniel Larusso


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