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  • MASK customs and repaints

    Hey folks,

    I found a very old and dusty box of childhood toys the other day and within was MASK. So I started customizing a bit. Next project: Thunderhawk. Next next project: Rhino. Still looking for an abandoned T-Bob. If you have one and don´t want it anymore, I would be very grateful for a donation :-D

    And a teaser for the next project:

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    Latest addition: Jacques Lafleur!


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      Next: Boris Bushkin!

      Aaaand a group-shot with teaser


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        Vanessa says hello

        (Sorry for the shruddy pic)


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          I haven´t updated this thread in a while, so behold, lots of pics coming up!

          First up, Thunderhawk progress!
          Had to resculpt a bit of the body that has been broken during the years:

          Filled all the sticker-gaps:

          Filled and sanded, added sculpted from scratch rearview mirrors:

          First coat of paint:

          Painted interior with added details (shifter, handbrake, middle-console glove compartment):

          I will continue in due time. But first, a few more characters, together with a teaser of an assembled for test purpose Thunderhawk:

          A few of the figures up close:

          And the backside:

          Rather proud of Floyd Malloy, he turned out great!

          And the last one for today, Julio Lopez:


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            Great work. Fantastic job on painting their eyes. They look and feel like they stepped out of the cartoon.
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              Nice work!
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                M.A.S.K has one of my favorite 80s intros, and was definately in my animated top 10. What an awesome show. I downloaded the entire series in a 3GB file.

                I've never seen customized M.A.S.K figures or vehicles before. You're very lucky to have come into these, and your paint looks slick. The eyes are so cute on the figures.

                Would you ever attempt mettalic paints on the vehicles like FrenzyRumble's amazing custom Transformers? There are always decent lot buys on EBAY, you could create a little M.A.S.K museum diorama for cheap.

                Thanks for sharing.
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