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Pictures of the toy aisle - 1980s

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  • Pictures of the toy aisle - 1980s

    Stole this from Reddit:

    Scroll down for MOTU goodness

    Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.

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    Ah the good old days when Toy Stores carried the figs in abundance.


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      Ahhh Memories. Toys R Us is so crappy now, it seems geared towards babies and toddlers now. Kiddy City was my favorite store - that place was heaven.
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      Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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        Funny the store I got all my He-Man was a local mom & pop shop called Albany's. Big Box stores were no where near my neighborhood.


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          Originally posted by GREP-A-TOR View Post
          Ahhh Memories. Toys R Us is so crappy now, it seems geared towards babies and toddlers now. Kiddy City was my favorite store - that place was heaven.

          Agreed, ToysRus used to be of epic proportions... but then so were the toys. Nothing will ever top the 80's era of toys. Another thing that made toy stores look so jam packed were the overflowing of video game cartridges and consoles after the crash. Places like Child World and TRU had all the vintage systems stacked to the ceiling, and rows of display cases filled with games.


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            That is pretty much the greatest picture ever. And yes, Toys R Us used to be so amazing, whereas now it is pretty average. The only thing I like about it now is the Lego section. Nothing will ever top the 1980s. Man I miss those days.
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              Awesome! Scenes like this made me drool as a kid. I wanted 'em all!

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            I don't understand why that person had to sweeten that gallery with what is clearly a modern-era Transformers display (note the insane price on Optimus Prime, and the presence of Powermaster Prime further down on the same shelf).
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              Agh the memories,i used to spend ages in John Menzies and Woolworths looking at the new figures,dragging through looking for the figs i didn't have.
              I remember the hardest decision ever,do i get Jitsu or Two bad.......muuummm.......
              The eighties were truly the best time for toys.


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                Those were the days, I used to glue myself in place and didn't want to leave before buying something, however my trick rarely worked on my parents!


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                  Very nostalgic. As a kid back in the '80's, I could literally spend hours inside of a TRU. Going to the store was a real treat. I collected some MOTU, Star Wars & G.I. Joe: A Real American hero figures. I definitely had little spending money at the time so was limited on what I could buy, but it was fun to look.


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                    This thread is resurrected and now, seemingly, the exact same setting is used in Scott N.'s video about Cy-Chop.

                    (29) Who is CyChop from the Masters of the Universe Classics line? Behind the scene He-Man Toy Secrets - YouTube


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