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Custom Snake Mountain By Robarr The Morbid

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  • Custom Snake Mountain By Robarr The Morbid

    I spent several months working on this after my buddy found me this vintage Snake Mountain collecting dust on the shelf of a collector out in Surrey BC Canada. It's basically inspired by some photos I'd seen of another customized vintage Snake Mountain.

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    I spray-painted the whole thing black and then drybrushed it a smokey gray. I was missing a few of the accessories, so I either made them myself or I had a friend from the USA help me in procuring said items. Because I was annoyed with the lame stickers for the inside, I sculpted 3D floors out of Sculpey and added some other accessories I painted.

    And just for all the Black Metal fans, here's my Black Metal Warriors customs posing on it as well....


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      That looks brilliant mate, I especially like the sculpted monsters in the green lake.


      • Robarr The Morbid
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        Thanks, but the slime pit monsters are just other toys I incorporated. The big one is actually a dollar store dragon's head and tail I painted and added. That particular dragon wasn't well put together to begin with, so I used the parts to make the slime-pit beast. The little lizard sitting on the rock is from a Chap Mei set of orcs. He was sitting on one of their arms. I thought he'd look better here.

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      That is AMAZING!!!
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        Wow, that is incredible! I'd LOVE to have that! Awesome work!
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          Thanks! Wait'll you guys see the new diorama I'm gonna build. It'll have both Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain in one epic battle scene. Awwwww, yeah! It's gonna be sweeeet!


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            Very interesting indeed. Your color choices are great. If you really want to see this baby shine, set up some small lights, LEDs and color them with some gels (you can use cheap plastic sheets from art stores, or decorative basket filler), and get a camera with a good MACRO setting, or a smartphone with a good camera (Samsung Galaxy S3 or newer) and snap some awesome shots.

            PS: Don't use the flash.

            motuc BA Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Kobra Khan by urosinho, on Flickr

            Snake Face_01 by Kwehttamm, on Flickr

            Granamyr_06 by Kwehttamm, on Flickr

            Masters of the Universe Classics by Toy Photography Addict, on Flickr

            Photos like these look amazing, and are relatively easy to stage.
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              Thanks! I've been wondering how to get some good pics. This old digital camera from 2006 I've been using just ain't cuttin' it anymore and yeah, the flash is annoying. LIGHTS! Yeah, I've been toying with the idea of using some small LEDS for awhile now. I think some eerie reds and greens would really make Snake Mountain pop. I've also been thinking of upgrading my phone to a Samsung Galaxy as well.


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