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  • Masters of the Universe Book Animation

    Check it out! A MOTU kids' book that's been animated!

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    Yeah dude, I've got both of these on VHS. I copied them over to a DVD so my son could watch them as much as he wants and not worry about the tape getting messed up. I'm curious about the She-Ra Golden Book video, too. Never knew that existed until a few months ago.
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      I kinda dig it. It makes me think of those cheesy old Marvel cartoons from 60's like The Hulk and Iron Man. "Doctor Banner, pelted by gamma rays, turned into The Hulk..."


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        Caverns of fear - the only MOTU storybook released in Serbia. Albeit without the tape and oddly enough, released in 1994!
        BTW, that Tygra voicing Man-At-Arms?
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          The other video had three stories to it. If memory serves; they were Rock Warriors, Demons of the Deep, and Maze of Doom. I liked the music in these videos for sure and how they tied each story together.

          Yeah D.M., if you ever hear the tape that comes with "Caverns of Fear", you will be in store for some interesting performances, especially Skeletor. In fact, that series of book and tape sets were all performed by the same cast I believe.
          I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?


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            Some inconsistencies in the art, but this is pretty awesome I must add.
            It reminds a lot of the awesome comic book/record pack (The power of Point-Dread) that came with the Point-Dread/Talon-Fighter playset when I was young, which I rebought a while ago from ebay!


            • Robarr The Morbid
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              Yeah, I noticed they gave Mer-man antennae...:P

            • Mechanizor
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              The running/moving Battle-Cat was the worst!

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