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    Those are some pretty cool sounding names. I think my favorites on that list are... OCEANOR, DEMONIA, and THE ENCHANTRESS. From Spain, my faves would be... TROMPO, REPTICOR, CAPTOR, and DOBLOR.​

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  • D.M.
    In Yugoslavia, names on the toy packagings remained unchanged, likely for financial reason. However, the cartoon dub (consisting out of mere 13 episodes) had some localized names:

    Trap-Jaw - Čeli??ni (Steel, but in sense that he's tough as steel/made of steel)

    Mer-Man - Vodenjak (named after an evil mythological Slavic spirit that dwells in water)

    Evil-Lyn - Zla-Lin (Basically same, just that ,,Evil" was naturally translated)

    Beast Man - Čovek zver (exact translation)

    Man-At-Arms - Čovek-oružje (Weapon-Man)

    Attack-Track - Amiga (I'm guessing the translator was a huge fan of it. :P )

    Dre-Elle - Darka (Apparently changed so it'd be more in line with Orko)

    Montork - Čarko (Same as above)

    Strongarm - Jakoruki (exact translation)

    Castle Grayskull - Dvorac Siva Lobanja (exact)

    Battlecat - Borbeni ma??ak (exact)

    Cringer - Straško (local equivalent)

    Clawful - Dingos (No idea what's up with this one)

    Ram-Man - Rama

    Sorceress - Čarobnica (exact)

    Triclops - Triklop (exact)

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  • Sublime
    Great inputs Draego-man!

    In facts these are the italian's name. In Spain only few of them have variations from the original:

    Triclops - Tri-Klops

    Mekanek - Mekaneck

    Trompo - Snout Spout

    Horda Robot - Horde Trooper

    Rey Randor - King Randor

    Linguor - Tung Lashor

    Repticor - Snake Face

    Captor - Sssqueeze

    Capturator - Clamp Champ

    Doblor - Blast Attack

    Espector - Scare Glow

    Hordak Torpedo - Buzz Shaw Hordak

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  • Mechanizor
    Thanks for sharing guys, now if I need to come up with some new names for my LEGO characters, I know where to look.

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  • Shawn
    Some of them would make good names for NEW characters...

    Musclor - A Circus Strong-Guy type with a hammer smashing action.

    Oceanor - Heroic Aquatican, or Mer-Man's birth name.

    The Fearless Fencing Master - A Great tag Line for a heroic Swards man.

    Maskor - Man-E-Human separated from Man-E-Monster and Man--E-Robot. I=Also, I think his Prototype/concept name from Power&honor catalog.

    Belios - Sounds like a great name for the "blow hard" concept character from the Power&honor catalog Better then Son Of He-Man96's Air Bag

    Demonia - Evil Lyn's Mother from Infinita!

    Dentos - The Weapon Breaker! A member of Fisto's celtic style tribe?

    Fakor - Seriously, the one time they don't use the Or naming convention? Retcon I would accept.

    The Monster - Nevermind...

    Etor - Makes me think of Ector, King Arthur's brother or Father (I always which Ector and Kay) Perhaps Laser Lot's name? Continue the "Arthurian name theme"?

    Tila - Teela's clone daughter? Retcon of Goddess/warrior to be Te-La & Tilia so Teela & Teela'na being primary versions, thus having ALL versions in various realities. Everybody's happy!

    Buzz - Buzz. He Hates it when you call him that. DO NOT call him "buzz buzz".

    Lezor - Politically incorrect named female Caligar

    Devastator - Sy Klone 200X repaint. A Renegade Gar. Add to Skeletor's much needed air support villains.

    Moussor - Moss Man Under litigation from Bactor Stockman variant.

    Bitete - Might Bite's birth name?

    Sansor - IDK. Sounds cool. A sand powered character?

    Puantor - and there is that Swordsman's name! A play on pun on puncture.

    Elephantor - Snout Spout, Hose Nose, Tuskador, Insizeor, and The Horde Mammoth man Tuskor I think is the Fannon name. Why not add an Elephantor to The Elephant Men!

    Extensor - What Theydon Takes when he can't Extendar when he needs to. If Your Extendar lasts 4 Hours or more, consult Man-At-Arms...

    Rafalor - Heroic counterpart to Gamblor (Create a character contest runner up who was disqualified...)

    Guerrior - The name of He-Man with a Helmet

    Turbor - Dragstor's heroic counterpart. (because why he was pared with Extendar is anyone's guess...)

    Roi Hiss - King Hiss's Son, or He-Ro/King Hiss Faker/Man-E-Faces type. A living Spell gone wrong Composite character.

    Roi Randor - King Randor Bonus head. He copied Kings

    Serpentor - Rattlor variant without a legal leg to stand on!

    Furilangue - A Fungus type character? There is a Great Fan Character called Fungor, perhaps this could be his real name.

    Repticor - Snake-Man-E-Faces. See Roi HIss & Roi Randor. Snakemen Robot replicating robot Man-E-faces finally has a counterpart! Sweet!

    Sstrictor - A sticky Minion (see Power & Honor foundation catalog. It's like a Sticky gumball machine hand or wacky wall crawler type toys about the size of Orko/Kowl.

    Pincor - One of Clawful's 200X cousins.

    The Enchantress - King Miro's Original Filmation enemy...

    Frak Attak - ...Seriously? Your messing with me now right?

    Spector - Scare Glow...Now I KNOW you are messing with me... :P (kidding! Spector would be a great character made of translucent color changing plastic so he could disappear. Who wouldn't want that

    Mousticor - Battle Mouse of Mysticor (totally fits the fairy tale princess theme if you think about it...)

    Well that was fun. Thanks for posting that list. I didn't know or had forgotten most of them!

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  • Draego-Man
    started a topic European Names

    European Names

    I love the European names of some of the vintage figures...

    Musclor - He-Man

    Oceanor - Mer Man

    The Fencing Master or Fearless - Man-At-Arms (depends on translation)

    Maskor - Man-E-Faces

    Belios - Ram Man

    Demonia - Evil Lyn

    Dentos - Trap Jaw

    Triclops - Tri-Klops

    Fakor - Faker

    Mekanek - Mekaneck

    The Monster - Beast Man

    Etor - Clawful

    Tila - Teela

    Buzz - Buzz Off

    Lezor - Whiplash

    Devastator - Sy Klone

    Moussor - Moss Man

    Bitete - Two Bad

    Sansor - Leech

    Puantor - Stinkor

    Elephantor - Snout Spout

    Extensor - Extendar

    Rafalor - Rio Blast

    Guerrior - Horde Trooper

    Turbor - Dragstor

    Roi Hiss - King Hiss

    Roi Randor - King Randor

    Serpentor - Rattlor

    Furilangue - Tung Lashor

    Repticor - Snake Face

    Sstrictor - Sssqueeze

    Pincor - Clamp Champ

    The Enchantress - Sorceress

    Frak Attak - Blast Attack

    Spector - Scare Glow

    Mousticor - Mosquitor
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