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​Grayskull-Con 2014: Power and Honor Foundation panel with Emiliano Santalucia​

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  • ​Grayskull-Con 2014: Power and Honor Foundation panel with Emiliano Santalucia​

    Power & Honor Foundation panel with Emiliano Santalucia - ​Grayskull-Con 2014.

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    Nice... Finally some real entertainment. Thanks Steveo.


    • Mechanizor
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      Too bad the slide show wasn't filmed. :-(

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    anyone ask Enigma-iliano about his cryptic statements about what he hoped to accomplish with his recent sketches?
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      Interesting. Definitely a shame for someone like me (unable to attend a con so far away) that the slide show wasn't filmed...

      Great to hear Emiliano's answer about the guys simply wanting credit in the book if they were to help. Yeah, that's totally unreasonable


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        Also pretty funny (but in a sad, pathetic kind of way) was what was said about Reuben the engineer.
        Really explains a lot about things like fat armor. ****ing shame we ended up having to pay for Reuben's on-the-job training/experiment as a toy engineer.
        Wish he would have just stayed as an artist & designer when it came to MOTU and got his engineering experience over at Fisher Price or somewhere else more fitting....


        • Battle Ram Man
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          It sounds like it's Mattel's fault for putting a guy in charge of something he was not qualified to do. They set him up to fail, and of course fans pay the price as always

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        Hey Battle Ram Man, Mattel did it with Neitlich, why not Reuben too?:stinky:


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