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2002 He-Man Cartoon/Comic Videos by Jukka

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  • 2002 He-Man Cartoon/Comic Videos by Jukka

    Next to the videos I'll be making about DC He-Man, I will also feature some 200x related topics, as it's something I really enjoy personally.

    First up

    TRIVIA - The Sorceress' Eyes!

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    Nice info about her eyes.....Good work, Jukka


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      Excellent work as always. I espeically liked how you demonstrated what it would have looked like in animation. They where right, it dehumanizes her. She was already cold and distant. It would have made for a cool power up. Color change feature for an action figure like Kenner's color changing Jack Nicholson Joker is what I'm thinking.
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        Interesting video and thanks for sharing Jukka. Probably they left the "no pupil look" in the final animations only to the periods when she goes into her trans and when she uses her magic!... I haven't seen the cartoons in a long time, so my memory could be a little foggy here.


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          Dunno... she seems blind without them.
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            Dunno if anyone is following these videos, but you can get them easily on YouTube.

            Below an older video I made in 2013

            And the latest video about ZODAK
            (shout out to all spanish Cosmic Enforcer fans who helped make this video)


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              The Zodak video was really cool. The blending of Mattel's concept and the alien concept was perfect, and gave us the awesome 200X Zodak. Thanks for sharing.


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                Great Zodak video. Mattel always be meddlin!
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