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Anybody have a set of Spydor instructions?

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  • Anybody have a set of Spydor instructions?

    ...Or a link to some? I bought a working Spydor earlier this year and with great difficulty, managed to pop the batteries in to give it a go. Now the batteries are dead and I want to get them out before they start oozing that corrosive acid white crap in the battery compartments. Unfortunately, they're so tightly sealed in there, I'm afraid I'll break the covers off the compartments if I do it improperly. I bought it with it's original box, but there were no instructions included and I can't seem to find any anywhere. Help?
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    I could only find the top page. You can buy them for about $6 on ebay. From what I remember as a kid, I use to always have to use a butter knife to get those open. They always closed very tightly. They open from the top, so you should be able to open it with a butter knife. Just wrap a cloth around it so you don't scratch the toy. Or just push down carefully and pull forward with your fingers.

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      OK, I'll try the butterknife approach. Cheers, Cap'N!


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