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Hordak's Plan in "Enter ... Buzz-Saw Hordak!"--Kill 'He-Ro'?

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  • Hordak's Plan in "Enter ... Buzz-Saw Hordak!"--Kill 'He-Ro'?

    Every now and then, I discover or reconsider something about the MotUverse that I've taken for granted. Today was one of those times.

    In "Enter ... Buzz-Saw Hordak!" Hordak says the following after finding out that Central Tower is back above ground:

    "Inside its walls is knowledge enough to end the power of Grayskull forever! Without Grayskull's power, He-Man is nothing!"

    Now, for twenty-eight years, I've always thought Hordak was talking about Castle Grayskull, which made his talking about time travel later on a little strange, and I wasn't sure how he was planning to 'make himself dictator'. But today, two things struck me:

    1) He never mentions the castle
    2) We know that until the 11th hour, He-Ro was named Grayskull.

    Hordak's interest in time travel now makes more sense in the broader context. He's not after destroying the Castle--he's looking to take over by destroying Grayskull/He-Ro himself, changing history to remove his opposition.

    Or am I reading too much into this?

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    I think you are probably reading too much into it... lol... but it is an interesting idea. You could certainly do a ret-con of the story and play into that idea today.
    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      Definitely agreed. It's what makes this line pretty cool cause you can find things there and spin them into some pretty cool concepts, as it has been done before!


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        I agree with Captain and Nemisythe on this, I don't think the writers back then thought of that particular scenario, but that's the beauty of MOTU, it's always open for alternative interpretations!


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