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Boxed vintage items - what do you own?

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  • Boxed vintage items - what do you own?

    I recently acquired a few boxed vintage items - a 1982 Castle Grayskull (with the original 8 figures on the back of the box), missing only the sword and the banner that goes behind the throne. A 1983 Wind Raider that was missing instructions. And unopened 1982 Battle Ram with a bit of box wear but overall in pretty good shape, and a 1982 Battle Cat that had a cracked and yellowed window, which I replaced.

    I'll post some pics later.

    What do you guys have?
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    Sadly, no vintage stuff for me, maybe one day when I move to an actual house with lots of space...


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      The main and only boxed item I had was an Italian Turbodactyl. The art on the back is as impressive as the front. I did eventually sell it for a handsome profit, but I will eventually have the art of the 3 He-Man Dinos and display it.

      If you have not taken a look at the three boxes of the Dinos, take some time to appreciate the effort the artists and designers put into the package.
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      Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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      Everything I own from the vintage line is out of package. As a kid, I could have never imagined keeping anything MOC.
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        I held on to the boxes as long as I could, but eventually my mom made me toss them

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      I have very few in-box vintage items. I have Rotar and Twistoid in package. Bashasaurus and Tyrantisaurus Rex in package but both packages have plastic window damage (glue came loose from the box). I can only think of one figure in package, He-Man with the "Original" star burst on the front.


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        i took everything out of the box, eternia, spinerella & i even videotaped when i did it with loo-kee


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          I've got all U.S. Vintage MOC except for movie figures,Zoids & DB Skelly. Other boxes I have are CG,Stridor,Spydor and Lasor Bolt. MIB vehicles will be my next trick after acquiring my last 6 MOC figures.


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