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The 2002 Comic Book Bible

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  • The 2002 Comic Book Bible

    Emiliano Santalucia has recently made the 2002 Comic Book Bible public for all fans to enjoy. The bible was a document written outside the license, and was never submitted to Mattel for approval. This is an unofficial collection of ideas that could have been used to create a spin-off/reboot of the Masters of the Universe brand.

    You can read the 2002 Comic Book Bible by clicking HERE!

    Click image for larger version

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    Agh, Need this as a PDF!


    • Matthew L. Martin
      Matthew L. Martin commented
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      The PDF can be found at

      I read it when Emiliano posted it two years ago, and my judgment remains unchanged--a lot of good and fascinating stuff, brought down by attempts to fold in everything that wind up feeling contrived or convoluted. On the whole, it has only a few of the flaws of Classics continuity, and many virtues that Neitlich's attempt lacks.

    • Captain Atkin
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      The PDF at the other site is missing some of the art that appears on the pages at HMW. You can easily save the pages and make a PDF of them. If you save the pages from HMW, they appear twice as large after you download them.

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    Its good to see it here at HMW.


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      Love this, some very cool ideas, love the Titus blood making hero, into king Greyskull very cool and explains hero's connection to He-man
      For me I prefer to leave castle grayskull a mystery , I like the idea that a elder god died in a ancient battle and his skull is castle grayskull


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        I really wish He-Man could have looked like this in the new DC comics. This is just pure awesome.

        Click image for larger version

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