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Who is this vintage box art artist?

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  • Who is this vintage box art artist?

    Does anyone know the name of the artist (I assume it's all the same person) who did the attached artworks? He would have come in right after Rudy Obrero in 1983, but before William George. I've never heard a name to go with the art. I think this is all the same guy.

    Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.

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    Not sure about your second pic. But the other box art pics you have I believe are done by Rudy Obrero. If you're wondering about other box art artists I believe Joe Chiodo did Mantisaur and Larry Elmore did the model kit art. But like you mentioned the majority of box art was done by Obreo and George.


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      Actually it's been recently confirmed that the Screech/Skeletor piece is Rudy Obrero's. However Rudy says he didn't do any of the Panthor box arts.

      The person who did the others (still unknown) seems to have done the following:

      Skeletor and Panthor
      Battle For Eternia set
      Night Stalker
      Fisto & Stridor
      Possibly also Jet Sled & He-Man
      Point Dread/Talon Fighter

      The thing that seems to set him apart from both Rudy Obrero and William George is his use of light. All his characters have pronounced "shiny" areas, usually on their muscles. His style isn't as crisp and toy-faithful as William George's is. He's stylistically closer to Rudy Obrero, but as I mentioned, his use of light sets him apart.
      Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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