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How do I know which power sword goes to which He-man?

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  • How do I know which power sword goes to which He-man?

    I'm new here. I'm just trying to finish up my vintage He-man collection while taking a break from other figures I collect. There was a few accessories I'm missing some of which are the original He-man's power sword and the Battle Armor He-man sword. It's hard to tell when purchasing them online through photos but I'm trying to determine which is right for which version of He-man. I see that there is a darker gray version of the sword and a shiny silvery sword. Does the darker gray go to the original He-man figure and the silver ones go to the Battle Armor He-man? Then I see there are variations of the production numbers on the back. How do I know which ones go with my He-man?

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    The grey power swords came with He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man. In many cases, the Battle Armor He-Man sword had more of a shine to it, while the original He-Man sword has a bit of a matte look to it. The gold power sword came with Thunder Punch He-Man.
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