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Michael Mercy's review: His top 5 MOTU vintage vehicles.

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  • Michael Mercy's review: His top 5 MOTU vintage vehicles.

    Michael shares his thoughts about his top 5 MOTU vintage vehicles in this video:

    Let's hope we see all of them and more making a come back in the Origins line, especially after the announcement of the Land Shark which will be out soon.

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    Great video. These vehicles are all fantastic, and these are all obviously the original Vintage versions. They are in excellent shape, considering their age. If I had any of these (which I don't, anymore) I would be especially concerned about the battery-operated Attack Track & the Dragon Walker. I suspect the functionality of these would deteriorate over time; also, if batteries are kept in these over a long period of time they could possibly leak, thereby ruining the toy (I've seen this happen before).

    Since this video came out, they've released the Origins Wind Raider. Here's hoping the Point Dread/Talon Fighter, Road Ripper, Attack Track, and Dragon Walker are all re-released in the Origins line as well.


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