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Would it work or fit in?

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  • Would it work or fit in?

    I may have asked this on the dot org but I don't think I asked it here. If I did then I'm rehashing it.

    We all know and can name what carries over from MOTU to POP. But what other MOTU gimmicks would or could work in POP? Or is the Question is would it fit in?

    I'm going to answer my own questions with, I think you have to ask all three.

    Because it different for a female line and especially getting it over with a female audience. Because, that's you are and have to aim at.

    Would Granita work or fit in?

    Would a Scareglow gimmick work?

    I strongly doubt a Fisto/Jitsu would work. MAYBE if she was a big bruiser.

    Maybe a Ram Man type. Make her a big bruiser.

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