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What Does the 2009 SDCC Artbook Say About Powers of Grayskull?

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  • What Does the 2009 SDCC Artbook Say About Powers of Grayskull?

    I was going back through old posts on and elsewhere (trying to confirm I'd expressed my dislike for "Trolla as the source of it all" before today's Unnamed One reveal) and found a post by Neitlich claiming that the outline for the original Powers of Grayskull comic was reproduced in the 2009 SDCC artbook. I also remember others disputing this, and a few hints that other bits of ancient Eternian lore were found therein.

    So, if anyone out there has this artbook, could you please share with us what it says about He-Ro and the Powers of Grayskull? (Or related items, such as the Three Towers, the Snake Men, and Hordak and the Evil Horde?)

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    There was some image of a one-sheet document that mentioned the POG story (like from part1), dated 1985... if memory serves me correctly.
    I'll dig it up tomorrow if nobody else beats me to it.

    Nothing ground-breaking or revealing, as I remember it.


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      2 small images. Took photo with my mobile-phone.

      and second pic


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        Thank you tremendously, Jukka. I've wanted to see this stuff for years.

        As you said, nothing surprising, although I note the strong D&D roots of the original concept--Ranger, Elf, Dwarf, etc. I also note that the Snake Men took over Eternia, which is a bit surprising. I know the notes on the 2002 DVDs have them ruling Eternia, but I've also heard that those don't always reflect the original MYP concepts. So was that a case of Scott borrowing from the old notes again?


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