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What MOTU games did you collect as kids?

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  • What MOTU games did you collect as kids?

    What MOTU games did you collect as kids? My favourite was the "Battle for Eternia" board game. I really liked the plastic stands that it came with, which could work as action figure stands for the original figures. I also like call the gold power swords that it came with, which was an exact replica of as the toy power sword. The game also came with some great art work, like the the evil Horde painting that was used for the "Horde Trap".

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    I still have this game! I also had the pop up's long gone though, so I can't give any more details than I think the box was orange???


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      I didn't really collect any of the games as a kid, as I was mostly just interested in the figures at that age. The "Battle for Eternia" game looks like a lot of fun, and I like how the figures can be used with the game. Very creative thinking on the part of the team that developed that game.
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        I didn't collect any of the games. But I do remember having a deck of MOTU cards with some of the characters on it.


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