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MOTU T-shirt Design Challenge at!

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  • MOTU T-shirt Design Challenge at!

    Threadless is have an amazing Masters of the Universe “Create a T-Shirt??? contest! Design a t-shirt inspired by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for, and enter for your chance to win over $2000 in prizes!

    By the power of Grayskull!

    Prince Adam of Eternia may look just as harmless as his cowardly feline pal, Cringer. But when he raises his mystical Power Sword, he transforms into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. Atop Cringer’s fearless alter ego, Battle Cat, this muscle-bound dogooder is ready to defend Castle Grayskull against the nefarious Skeletor and his henchmen.

    Take a trip around Snake Mountain to battle Beast Man and Evil-Lyn or venture to Etheria, where He-Man’s long lost twin sister, She-Ra, rebels against Hordak and the Horde. Whatever you choose to design, do it for the honor of Grayskull.

    You have the power . . . to design the best Masters of the Universe tee ever!

    Keep in mind:

    Designs must be your original artwork.
    You may use any characters from Masters of the Universe, but mashups, parodies, or references to any other characters are not allowed.
    No adult references (sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, gambling, etc.) allowed.

    - $2,000 cash
    - $500 Threadless gift card
    - A selection of Masters of the Universe collectibles, including a limited edition Funko Hikari Sofubi: Mystic Powers Skeletor.

    Contest ends on April 7, 2015 at 23:59 US/Central. To submit an original MOTU design go to
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    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man

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    Man... I wish I knew how to draw! This looks like a cool contest.
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      Here's my design


      • Black Zodac
        Black Zodac commented
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        That looks great! Now has does one vote in this contest?

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      Its live for voting now...


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        there are some kewl designs like ICEMAN's but there are also a ton that remind me why i hate FAILmation so much.


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          Thanks man. Here's another one I did.


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            i just joined that site tonight to vote on your designs but the challenge is over. so i voted for them anyway & it offered to sell them to me. i do not understand that website at all.


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              I think the submission deadline is over, but you can still rate the designs which they will tally up soon. At least thats how I understand it...


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                None of the shirts got funded. So lame.
                "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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                  Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
                  None of the shirts got funded. So lame.
                  I still don't know what the hell this contest was about? I voted for like 100 shirts for no reason.
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                  Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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                    there are some designs that i just loathe. is it better to not vote on them or rate them a 1?


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