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New MOTU waves are up for Pre-Orders from BBTS!

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  • New MOTU waves are up for Pre-Orders from BBTS!

    So there are 3 different MOTU toy lines are ready for pre-order:

    - Origins wave 7 (4 figures)
    - He-Man and Masters of the Universe (3D show based) in 2 different scales.
    - MOTU Masterverse wave 4? (4 new 7inch scale figures)
    - MOTU Masterverse Revelation wave 3 (4 figures)
    - MOTU Animated Core line?! (5 figures)

    So, I'm not sure what is the MOTU Animated Core line?... Also, is the Masterverse line splitting into two; Revelation and none Revelation?!

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    I am curious about MOTU Masterverse wave 4. Barbarian Skeletor and Viking He-Man, plus 2 mystery figures.... I am intrigued.
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      Some fans say the Animated Core = 3D He-Man & MOTU show!

      Still, I don't know what's the idea behind the different labeling with the Masterverse and 3D lines?!... Also, earlier on, it has been reported that the 3D toy line was initially a Walmart exclusive; at least until the end of the year, apparently that's not the case anymore!


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        Thanks for the heads up. They also have the Revelations Scareglow I see
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          You're welcome brrrooo...

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        The YT channel Fanboysforever talks about these pre-orders in this video:


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