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New MOTU products will be announced!

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  • New MOTU products will be announced!

    According to Mattel:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MOTU__scaled_600.jpg Views:	0 Size:	42.7 KB ID:	59725

    And according to NTI about Entertainment Earth:

    Entertainment Earth has also indicated there will be some type of MOTU pre-order happening on Tuesday 3/21 on their Drop Zone page.​

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    Curious to see what it will be. With any luck, Duplico will be made available to the masses.
    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      Origins wise, I personally want new unannounced vehicles aside from the upcoming Talon Fighter via MC... Probably new figures over at EE, or a Snake Mountain pre-order?

      And BTW, if you've followed the earlier leaks, there is also a Snake Man 4 pack still coming sometimes this year, and at least two deluxe figures.

      Also we now know that the Masterverse Ram Man and Clawful are coming as well, and some Filmation inspired MOTU mini statues that were shown at the Italian Toy Fair.


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        Also, I forgot about the 2 pack Skeleton Warrios!

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      Apparently, Geek.Dad.Life and Pixel-Dan have been contacted by Mattel about this even on Monday, let's just hope it won't disappoint:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	GDLmotumonday_thumbnail.jpeg?w=1915&ssl=1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	423.3 KB ID:	59730


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        You know what?! I'm going to go out on a non-sarcastic limb here and say it's something they, Mattel, have managed to keep quiet.


        • Mechanizor
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          It's a lot easier to keep the MC's exclusive stuff hush-hush if they wanted to.
          Retail and online targeted products always manage to get leaked either by an accident or by design.

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        The announcement must be about Mattel losing the rights to MOTU. After all, Neitlich said there’s only two weeks to go and he’s NEVER been wrong before, just ask him!


        • Mechanizor
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          You got me there Croc… How did I forget about Scott’s revelation?

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        Could be a Skeletor 4-Pack like the He-Man that was released.


        • MIDOR
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          Nice idea.

        • Mechanizor
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          I saw this idea was talked about on YT, thank goodness it wan't the case... However it could be announced during the SDCC 23!

          BTW, people like Mega Jay Retro and his friends and followers sometimes go way too wild with their predictions and hopes!... Like those Eternos and the Crystal Castle playsets at this point in time were just too ridiculous and unrealistic especially when POP figures aren't even in Origins except for She-Ra!

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        • Black Zodac
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          Some amazing figures on display there! Can't wait to get that Snake Man army builder set!

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        I've watched the stream of GDL instead, and there were other reveal streams happening at the same time, but more me I wasn't too surprised with what's been announced since most of it was leaked already without the pics. Anyhow here is GDL's video:

        And here are the checklist posters for both lines' reveals; Origins and Masterverse:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ME165MTU_o.png
Views:	73
Size:	1.28 MB
ID:	59750
        Click image for larger version

Name:	ME165MTV_o.png
Views:	70
Size:	725.6 KB
ID:	59751
        Click image for larger version

Name:	ME165MTW_o.png
Views:	68
Size:	811.7 KB
ID:	59752

        Some more detailed pics can be found at GDL's website:



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          My favorites are the snake related figures, and of course all the "army builders" packs. I was hoping for at least one more un-leaked vehicle announcement, but seeing the Talon Fighter/Point Dread and Snake Mountain in this announcement is good enough FOR NOW.
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            Snake Pack--Assumed, thought and expecting four snake people. I do get why there is a Snake He-Man in there.Wished we had gotten more generics in Classics.
            Ram Man: That's one big sumbeech.
            N.A. Skeletor: Steals the show
            Talon Fighter and Point Dread: Had vintage as kid. Point Dread looks Filmationy (eh. it's a word now) to me.
            Squeeeeeeeeeeeze: Along with Mekaneck and Multi Bot he is a vintage figure I didn't have but should have gotten.
            Slushead: The Classics version surprisenly caught my eye. Just a solid looking figure.
            Webstor: A solid looking figure
            Whiplash: Looking good. Not really a fan of that extra stuff. Just make generic Caligars (that's what they're called right?) and put that stuff with them
            2002 Prince Adam: A.K.A. Malnutrition Prince Adam. Warming up to him but only due to my own head cannon and fan fic.
            Horde Skeletor: Not a fan of that. Don't need to see that.
            Snake Horde Trooper: Nice.
            Champ Clamp: Meh
            Snake Royal Guard: Meh
            The rest: I critical in a negative way.


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              - I'm just happy that the rest of the Rulers of the Sun men come in ONE pack, so they won't take any future slots from the vintage or 200X figures.

              - Origins wise, everything looks gravy to me, except for:

              a) The 4 Snake Men pack comes with ANOTHER variant of SA He-Man!? Just why?! They could've added that Snake EG Infiltrator in there instead and saved a slot!
              b) The Eternian Guard Infiltrator doesn't have an exposed face or a second head!
              c) Flocked Moss Man still seems to be a Walmart exclusive!
              d) Snake Mountain lacks pics and detailed information.

              - Masterverse wise, I think most are looking great except for:
              a) Mer Man still needed the classic armor and classic face! Probably a future green New Eternia version is on its way sometimes in the future!?
              b) Grizzlor looks too Filmation-esque! Not a fan...

              - Real disappointments:
              No new additional vehicles announcements, and no Terroar or Lord GrA' sp, or Lady Slither!... Just WHY NOT!!!???


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                So someone at the Org who happen to run a toy business and who also has had some inside info from Mattel, just gave the breakdown of all the revealsL
                I just want to verify- I believe all the reveals you saw today were retail. Mattel distribution has had preorders out for the majority of these figures since December/January. Just a quick and dirty breakdown, which I expect to be verified tomorrow-


                Wave 14
                – Serpent Claw Man-at-Arms
                – Sssqueeze
                – Infiltrator
                – Spikor

                Deluxe Wave 7
                – Dragon Blaster Skeletor
                – Snake Face

                – Snake Mountain
                – Point Dread w/ Talon Fighter

                Online Exclusives
                – Skeletor & Screech 2-Pack
                – Skeleton Warriors 2-Pack
                – Snake Man 4-Pack (Potentially)

                Target Exclusives
                Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack

                Walmart Exclusives
                – Duplico
                – Moss Man
                – Minicomic Man-E-Faces


                Wave 9
                – Mer-man (Revelations flashback)
                – Grizzlor (POP)
                – Faker (New Eternia)
                – Buzz Off (New Eternia)

                Wave 10
                – Clamp Champ (Revelations)
                – Horde Skeletor (Revelations)
                – Prince Adam (Revelations)
                – Webstor (New Eternia)

                Deluxe Figures
                – Clawful (New Eternia)
                – Ram Man (New Eternia)

                Target Exclusive (Timed)
                – Whiplash (New Eternia)
                – Skeletor (New Adventures)
                – Slushhead (New Adventures)

                Just one note- there is another online exclusive that has been floating around the distribution channels since November- A second Eternian Guard Infiltrator SKU. I am not sure if this is going to be similar to the way Snake Armor Skeletor (Origins) and Man-E-Faces (Masterverse) were released (individually but also still part of a wave) or if it will be a different figure, but the SKU is out there. There is also the potential that Duplico and Man-E-Faces could be timed exclusives, but I haven't gotten any information from my contacts at Mattel on this. The only figures I don't have preorders out on are the ones market Target or Walmart exclusives (and even then I had Duplico preorders that were cancelled
                I've highlighted the retail exclusives in red because it usually sucks to hunt if not offered over at Mattel Creations.


                • Mechanizor
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                  BTW, I was able to pre-order Origins mini comic Man-E-Faces from Amazon, so I’m not sure he’s being a Walmart exclusive is correct!

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                Wow - this is overwhelming. All of these new reveals are amazing. Thanks for the larger pics. from the poster. I see that some of these will be exclusives, which will make them tough to find. That being said, in general I have sometimes had an easier time @ finding Wal-mart exclusives than Target exclusives - in some cases. I have a lot of interest in most of these figures, both from the Origins & Masterverse lines. Some specific comments:


                Snake Face & Ssqueeze look amazing; I remember having at least 1 of these Vintage figures back in the day. Snake Face was especially creepy; I hope this version replicates that Vintage "action feature" - where you push the lever & the snakes come out of the eyes & mouth.

                Eternian Guard Infiltrator looks like a great figure; I like all of the Snake Men & Snake Men-related figures.

                The Duplico (not pictured); Mini-comics Man-e-faces; and Flocked Moss Man (Wal-mart exclusives) are all at the top of my list re: figures I want. I'm surprised I like the "variant" Man-e-faces as much as I do - it looks fantastic. The Flocked Moss Man looks superb; I hope this has the 'pine needle' smell like the Vintage one did. Duplico is interesting; I've mentioned before that he looks like a character from a low-budget '80's/early '90's direct-to-video sci-fi flick, and that's not a criticism


                Webstor: Truly incredible; really like the Spider-aspect to this character. I never collected the Classics line so missed that version; but, this new Masterverse version will make up for this. I like the removable back-pack with the spider-legs, and it's great that the grappling hook (whether it works or not) is on the orange gun. Very glad they did away with the backpack "webline" that was with the original Vintage figure; I had this version back in the day, and this always got tangled up - to the point that I didn't like dealing with the figure anymore (still don't have the Vintage Webstor, so don't know if that has the same issue re: the back-pack)

                Oversized Whiplash: Great sculpt & accessories. The "fantasy" element here is much stronger when the accessories are in place.

                Buzz-off: Wow! I like the Vintage verison, but this Masterverse version is off the hook! I like how they made the hat look edgy; the Vintage/Origins hat/cap looks goofy/foolish.

                Grizzlor: Well-done figure. Don't have the exclusive Origins version, so this will somewhat make up for that

                Mer-man: Fantastic sculpt.

                Blue-skinned Faker: Another must-have. Incredible figure. IMHO this is the "true" Masterverse Faker w/blue skin. I also the robotic eyes & the robotic parts sticker (underneath the armor). I didn't like/didn't get the original Masteverse Faker because it looked too much like He-man; though, in all fairness it reproduced what we saw in the first part of the Revelations cartoon.


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                  Loved all the Masterverse releases except one.
                  ​​​​​​. Anyone disappointed in Mer-Man being very similar to the first release. I know they changed a few things like wrist and shin guards and added chest armor and painted both eyes. But not different enough to warrant a second purchase. I'm happy with the first release and I used Steamboats Masters of the WWE Universe armor on him.
                  Clamp Champs armor looks fantastic. Way better than Fistos sloppy armor sculpt. Wish they had done that to Fistos first.


                  • Black Zodac
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                    I prefer this Mer-Man over what they originally released. I never bought the one with the scar, but I'll buy this one for sure!

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                  Because why not. A Top 3 list

                  Count it down.

                  Honorable mentions:Snakemen 4 Pack

                  3. Snakeman Horde Trooper
                  2. Squeeeeeee(e)ze
                  1. NA Skeletor

                  To be honest, Kind of hard to place them. Have to split hairs.

                  Ram Man--solid

                  The others are just a step above. They caught my eye. They have my attention.


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                    I pre-ordered with Amazon and BBTS duplicates of everything just to cover my bases. While Amazon usually doesn't dissappoint I have had a Stinkor that was on pre-order for a few months canceled with no explanation and they lost the very first Faker I tried ordering as well. BBTS is the most consistent and reliable there is. I got a wave 13 processing soon notiification from them yesterday sans Randor


                    • Mechanizor
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                      Some people can afford those PM prices it seems. Not me, only if I’m really desperate…

                    • Stridor12
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                      Yeah me either they are 30 bucks a figure. But apparently that is the final cost as there is no added shipping or taxes added to the price.
                      But cool to the people who can justify that just to get it a couple of weeks earlier. I will gladly wait.

                    • Mechanizor
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                      Hmm, free shipping is nice, but free taxes as well? I thought those days are gone online for most states!

                      I just tried it out without completing a purchase, and they do charge sales tax but a a weird estimation! $2.9 for $39.99 item shipping to California? That can't be real?! Where I live the tax is about 8.625%

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                    So here is another Mattel Creation exclusive marked with only one "$" is coming; on April 11th 9AM PT:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	ME166G8L_o.png
Views:	18
Size:	38.4 KB
ID:	59879

                    I'm guessing it's He-Skeletor (Anti-Eternia Keldor?) who was shown last year! Or my other guesses are:

                    a) Reptilax, b) Lord Gr'Asp, c) Terroar, d) Lady Slither


                    • MIDOR
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                      1. He-Skeletor 2. Keclar 3. For my third one I have to do a wild ACE pull. I'm saying Gorpo aka The Nameless One 4. The Faceless one--ACE pull 5. Dekker.--ACE pull

                    • Stridor12
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                      He-Skeletor is my guess. He was teased last year and they should release him already.

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                    What's a figure/character that is a little ways down on the popularity list? What is character that this is a good spot for?

                    Are questions one should ask. But then one could easily start rambling names off.

                    Like is it the queen? King Miro? Preternia Disguise He-Man? Songster? Strong Arm?


                    • MIDOR
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                      Nice thinking there.

                      Another creature/being from the castle dungeon?

                    • Mechanizor
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                      It would be nice to see more creatures happening, definitely…

                    • Andy
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                      200x Marlena (red & white)
                      200x Marlena (green & gold)
                      200x Battle armor Merlena

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                    Unless we was offered in the first couple waves that I didn't may much attention to one could say Sy-Klone.

                    I'm not one of those.

                    Strobo could be one.

                    Hologram Hordak

                    Anti-Eternia Sun Man (Smart Ace Answer)


                    • Mechanizor
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                      Sy-Klone has to be a normal release figure, not a MC exclusive. Just saying.

                      On the other hand, Strobo is more likely to be a MC exclusive and he was hinted/teased before in some card/box art I believe, but I’d be surprised to see him get released before Sy-Klone!

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