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  • Glad to be here!

    I am hopeful this site is tolerant of complaints - even extreme complaints as long as posted appropriately and within the rules. Tolerance is key and has become untolerant of those who are fans that have complaints. Thus I have decided to dedicate my time here. I will absolutley post when I see something positive, but I am not the type of person to silence myself when I am not happy with something - especially when its been a reoccuring theme with Matty. Anyway nice to meet you all...

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    Glad to have you as a member. I hope you enjoy the site
    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      Welcome to the forums!
      “We change people through conversation, not through censorship." ― Jay Z


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        Welcome around Jdubya, and if you'd take the time to brows around the older threads, I think you would like what you see.


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          Welcome! I only joined a week ago myself. Couldn't even get INTO Oh well! This place rules all the same.


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            WELCOME ALL! Be sure to see what I have posted so there are no double posts about complaints about Scott, lol. The Great Rebellion grows stronger!
            “Anything is a dildo, if you're brave enough"
            Thomas Jefferson

            Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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              If you're looking for tolerance you've reached the right place. This site is tolerant to those who want to complain about everything as much as it is to those who want to feel happy about anything.
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              “Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, freedom of speech protects speech that you hate." ― Ron Jeremy


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                YESSSS!!! VENOM!! \m/ \m/


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