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  • So this is where everyone's hiding.....

    Hi all,i'm a new member here on the world and still a member on the org,i'm a huge Motu fan having been bought He-man,Battle Cat and Skeletor waayyy back in 1982 for my birthday and ever since i've been hooked.I live in a small village in Fife in Scotland,with plans underway to relocate to Newcastle,i'm 38 years old and have found myself collecting He-man stuff(not just figures)again for i think it will be the third time.I also collected the 2002 figures but with all the repaints diluting the line i ended up giving them to my step son but i still enjoyed the MYP cartoon,So here i am again i find myself collecting the vintage line,comics,magazines and anything else about the line that gives me that nostalgic feeling.
    I'm also underway in selling off my MoC classics collection as i have been completely burnt out by the line i no longer enjoy getting the figures,got Two bad in January and found myself not as happy as thought i would be(one of my favorite figures as a kid). That tailored with the fact that there is just too much obscurities for me,never wanted Geldor,Plundor,FFM,Vykron,etc,etc. and don't even get me started on TG and DR.
    Anyway,rant over i hope everyone here finds themselves well and good,
    Take care,

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    Welcome! I just paid my first visit to Scotland last week.
    "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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      Welcome aboard He-Man121, and here you have the chance to speak your mind freely, and I feel your pain by not enjoying the current Classics as we should, thanks to you know who!
      I've never been to Scotland, but I'm planning to visit one day and relive some of those medieval times.


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        Not hiding. We just had to move since our last place got infested with bootlickers.

        Welcome aboard!
        “Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, freedom of speech protects speech that you hate." ― Ron Jeremy


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          Thanks guys,yeah the .org's getting a bit diluted with apologists just now,no one seems to want to take the blame for mistakes(we all know who i mean)


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