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Hey Im new here!

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  • Hey Im new here!

    Looks like Im the only one. I was bored and found a He-Man board that I've never heard of before, so here I am. Just here to chat about all the thing one chats about at weird hours, or when one is done dusting his toy collection, or just about ant other nerdy distraction.

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    Hi Sky Runner! Glad you found your way to He-Man World
    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      Welcome aboard!


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        Don't be afraid to help your self to the fridge!
        Once upon a time, good advice was "be kind Rewind"now nobody remembers the past.

        Masters of the universe The LOST TALES (a series of vintage style fan-comics and children's books)


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          But stay away from my beer. Ha...

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        Welcome everybody. I'd say all of are new. Very exciting to begin a new Journey in all things MOTU. Can't wait to talk to everybody. And please....please don't hold it against me that I DON'T like NA.


        • TechTrek
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          I never cared for NA for a long time, but with classics designs, I am starting to soften up to them a bit. lol. But yeah, to each their own, we wont twist your arm into it. as long as you don't twist my arm into liking Misquitor... lol. for some odd reason I just never cared for the guy!

        • shadowfall1976
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          You're not alone....I also don't like 200X or the Movie....

          Also....I like Mosquitor, until I get to his head....then it's like A second head without the helmet and or blood tanks would have possibly made him much more appealing, the staction looks decent, and I don't like 200X one that's saying something....I also like the Mantenna staction, and Evil-Lyn, and while not the same we have BGEL and Mantenna ended up looking as good as that staction but better because he moves and got Classisized from the Vintage with touches of the staction.
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        Nice to meet you guys! can't wait to have some great discussions about MOTU and fun fan stuff in general. You will probably see me hanging around the fan fiction/art sections! Take it easy guys! nice to meet you all! where are you all from? I am located in Michigan! I have a wife and 3 kids! my son loves swapping out the MOTUC heads, and making his own guys. lol. see ya guys around!


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          Seems like a small community (and I can see some of you were active on the ORG during my time there) but maybe this place can offer up something new and cool. I look forward to sharing my passion for this brand with you all.


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